Volume 3 no.1


January, 2005



From the Editor


Dear Society for Late Antiquity Member,


Greetings! I'm sending you the first issue of a new series of the Late Antiquity Newsletter, which Ralph Mathisen first published in 1996-97 and  which I've agreed to revive.  My plan is to disseminate via email a  quarterly Newsletter containing information about conferences,  programs, workshops, new books, museum exhibits and other items of  interest to Society members.  If you organize (or even know of) a  conference or exhibit, workshop or seminar, please let me know so that  I can serve as a clearing house for such information.  The Newletter's  usefulness will depend in part on members willingness to pass  information along.  It will be especially helpful if UK and Continental  colleagues share information, particularly about upcoming conferences.   In this first issue, I've included only conference announcements and a  new books section, and already the Newsletter is too long!  I welcome  your views on what could usefully be included, either via email or in  person at the Shifting Frontiers VI conference in Champaign/Urbana,  Illinois in March (


Best wishes for a New Year,


Scott Bradbury

Editor, Late Antiquity Newletter

Professor of Classical Languages and Literatures

Smith College


Conferences in 2005


17–19 February 2005. "Feast, Famine, and Fasting: Food and Material  Consumption in Medieval and Renaissance Culture," the Eleventh Annual  Interdisciplinary Conference of ACMRS (Arizona Center for Medieval and  Renaissance Studies), at Arizona State University.Conference URL:


17-20 March 2005. "Romans, Barbarians, and the Transformation of the  Roman World."  The Sixth Biennial SHIFTING FRONTIERS IN LATE ANTIQUITY CONFERENCE, University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign.Conference URL:


19-20 March 2005.  Late Antique Archaeology 2005:  "The Religion of the  'Rest':  Heresy, Apathy and Popular Piety in Late Antiquity," Ashmolean  Museum, Oxford, UK.  The conference will seek to broaden perspectives  on late antique religious life, by considering religious currents that  provided an alternative to orthodox Christianity and Judaism.   Heretics, Samaritans, syncretic magic and popular piety will be  explored, alongside religious apathy and the secular.  Later Paganism  will be the theme of a 2nd meeting later in the year.Conference URL:


30 March-1 April 2005. The Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies  will host a multidisciplinary residential conference on King Edgar to  mark the retirement of Donald Scragg. Call for papers: topics covered  may be his wives, sons, bishops, relations with his neighbours, or the  art history, literature, language, history, geography, archaeology of  the period. Deadline for abstracts: 10 December 2004, to Donald Scragg,  Dir., Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies, Dept. of English, Univ. of  Manchester M13 9PL, U.K. (


31 March–2 April 2005. Annual meeting of the Medieval Academy of  America, in Miami Beach.Conference URL:


31 March-5 April 2005.  The  Roman Archaeology / Theoretical Roman  Archaeology Conference will be held  at the Institute of Archaeology  and Antiquity, The University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.Conference URL:


18-19 April 2005.  "Discovery of the School of Alexandria by Polish  Archaeologists, 2004". Conference at the Institute of Classical  Studies, London, UK.  The school of Alexandria in the fifth to sixth  centuries AD was the centre of rhetorical and philosophical training  for the Mediterranean world. The great philosopher Ammonius was there  with all the best philosophers of the late fifth and the sixth  centuries, most of whom were his pupils….  There are two accounts of  life in the Alexandrian school by one of Ammonius' Christian pupils,  Zacharias. One account, called Ammonius, purports to describe a  philosophical discussion of the Christian view of the Creation in  Ammonius' classroom, with Ammonius being refuted by his Christian  pupils. Another, the Life of Severus, surviving in Syriac with French  translation, tells of the riots which arose in the school run by the  pagan Horapollo, when another pagan philosopher, Asclepiodotus, came to  consult Egyptian priests on how to cure his childlessness. From these  two accounts we get a picture of academic life in Alexandria….  Now in  2004 a Polish archaeology team claims to have discovered 15 identical  lecture rooms such as Zacharias describes, with a larger hall near the  colonnades. Each of the 15 lecture rooms has seats for 30 students in a  horeshoe, with the professor's seat out at the end of the horseshoe. We  plan to learn about and assess this potentially very important  discovery, hearing from the Director of the Polish dig, Professor  Majchereki, and from a scholar of Alexandrian architecture, Judith  Mckenzie, and a scholar of ancient schools, Rafaella Cribiore.  Professor Roger Bagnall has offered generous support to the conference.    The following day will be devoted to schools in the ancient world  generally, discussing how different disciplines were organised in  different places.  Booking details will be available in January. Please  contact Dr Kim Ayodeji at the Institute (


21-23 April 2005.  "Cultures of Violence: Interpersonal Violence in  Historical Perspective," York UK.  Fourth York Cultural History  Conference.Violence is an inescapable theme in human history. War, violent crime,  personal conflict and aggression appear to be constant features of the  human condition. Has violence been codified, tamed and suppressed by a  ‘civilizing process’, which forged the modern, rational, bourgeois  self? Is civilization opposed to or predicated upon violence? This  conference aims to test these assumptions by examining interpersonal  violence below the level of the state from Classical Antiquity to the  21st Century.Full description at URL: ID=138338&keyword=Late&keyword=Antiquity


22–24 April 2005. "Urban and Rural Settlement in Anatolia and the  Levant, 500-1000: New Evidence from Archaeology." Dumbarton Oaks  Program in Byzantine Studies annual spring symposium. Keynote lecture  by Prof. Cyril Mango scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Thursday, 21 April, this  lecture will be open to the public. Contact: Caitlin McGurk  (202-339-6940;;


5-8 May, 2005.  40th International Congress on Medieval Studies at  Western Michigan University, Kalamzoo, Michigan.Conference URL:


2-4 June 2005.  North American Patristics Society Eighteenth Annual  Meeting, Loyola University, Chicago.  Abstracts due 15 Jan. 2005.Conference URL:


10–11 June 2005. "Travel and Movement in Medieval Italy c. 500–1500,"  at the University of Limerick, Irish Republic. The deadline for paper  proposals is 31 January 2005. To propose a paper or for further  information, contact Christine Meek, Dept. of Medieval History, Trinity  College, Dublin 2, Irish Republic (


16–18 July 2005. "Prosopography Approaches & Applications," at Harris  Manchester College, University of Oxford, England. The conference seeks  to bring together a wide range of scholars encompassing all  chronological periods for an opportunity to meet others and to discuss  the history and uses of the prosopographical method in history. It is  being organized by researchers in prosopography at the Modern History  Research Unit, Oxford, who will be launching their Guide to the  Principles and Practice of Prosopography at the conference. Suggested  themes include: working towards definition, prosopography vs.  collective biography; why prosopography?; intersections: prosopography  & onomastics, place-names, source criticism; the future of  prosopography; teaching techniques; prosopography & computing; database  construction; text encoding; and network analysis. Call for papers:  scholars and students working on prosopographical projects are invited  to submit proposals for papers, consisting of no more than 250 words,  by 1 November 2004, for non-U.K. scholars, by 1 December for U.K.  scholars. Contact: Katharine Keats-Rohan, Modern History Research Unit,  Block 11-2, Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford OX2 6HE, U.K.  (


19-21 August 2005.  "AGING, OLD AGE  AND DEATH PASSAGES FROM ANTIQUITY  TO THE MIDDLE AGES  II", University of Tampere, Finland.  The second  international symposium on ancient and medieval way of life will focus  on the final period of individual's life course. The aim is to bring  together scholars from various fields of study to discuss the  continuities and changes which happened both in understanding and  experiencing the mature age, old age, and in facing death.  The  conference aims at broad coverage not only chronologically (from  Hellenistic world to Middle Ages), but also geographically (from East  and West Mediterranean to the coasts of  the North Sea) and  disciplinary (all the branches of Classical and Medieval Studies).  Those  who wish to present papers are asked to submit a one-page  abstract (setting out thesis and conclusions) as an e-mail attachment  to Mr. Jussi Rantala (Conference Secretary), The  deadline  for abstracts is February 28, 2005.Fuller description at URL:


22–25 September 2005. "Conversion." The Medieval Colloquium of Harvard  University's English Department is organizing this interdisciplinary  conference, the first of a triennial series of conferences. The Morton  Bloomfield Memorial Lecture will begin the conference proceedings.  Speakers may consider the following themes: the experience of radical  historical change within societies and within selves; the nature and  imperatives of religious persuasion, both internal and external; the  relation of individual and political transformations; textuality and  conversion; conversion and power. We intend the geographical focus to  be primarily on the British Isles, although with some continental  European, and non-European, perspectives. The chronological span is  broad, from Late Antiquity to the Reformation. Inquiries may be sent to  any one of the following: Dan Donoghue (, James  Simpson (, and Nicholas Watson  (


28–29 October 2005. "Cartography in Antiquity and the Middle Ages:  Fresh Perspectives, New Methods." Thirty-Fifth Medieval Workshop,  sponsored by the Committee for Medieval Studies, at the University of  British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada.  The scope of the conference  will match that of J. Brian Harley and David Woodward (eds.), The  History of Cartography, vol. 1. Eighteen years after the publication of  that seminal work this conference will offer a unique forum to  highlight, distill and reflect upon the remarkable progress made in so  many areas since 1987, thereby honouring the memory of the joint  editors, and in particular David Woodward, deceased 25 August 2004.  Looking to the future, the conference is also specifically designed to  foster closer interaction between scholars of antiquity and of the  Middle Ages who engage with maps.     Call for papers, proposals are especially welcome which discuss  recent discoveries, the value of fresh perspectives and methodologies,  insights gained from the exploitation of new technology, relationships  between ancient and medieval cartography, and significant current work  in progress. Graduate students in Canadian institutions and elsewhere  are welcome to submit proposals. Papers are not to exceed 20 minutes.  All proposals, including abstracts of 500 words maximum, should be sent  by e-mail to Richard Talbert (UNC, Chapel Hill;  and Richard W. Unger (UBC; to arrive no later  than 20 March, 2005. Decisions will be made by 15 May 2005. Some  financial support may be available to assist participation in the  conference.


15 November 2005.  The Idea of the "Self" in Different Cultures  (Professor Richard Sorabji and Professor Gwen Griffith-Dickson),  Gresham College, Barnard’s Inn Hall, London, UK.  A one day conference  exploring the notion of the self in different philosophical and  religious cultures.  Following on from our investigation into the Self  in Indian religions and philosophers and Islam, we continue with an  examination of concepts of the Self in Greek and Roman philosophy,  early and modern Christianity, Judaism and Islam.  Reservations are  required for this event. Please contact Gresham College.


19-22 November 2005.  Annual Meeting of the American Academy of  Religion, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Abstracts due 1 March 2005.Conference URL:


5–8 January 2006. "Center and Periphery in Medieval Latin Studies," a  panel of the Medieval Latin Studies Group at the meeting of the  American Philological Association, in Montreal. Call for papers, submit  abstracts (500–800 words) by 1 February 2005 to Michael Meckler, MLSG  Sec'y-Treas., Epigraphy/ Palaeography, Ohio State Univ., 190 Pressey  Hall, 1070 Carmack Rd., Columbus, OH 43210-1002. Contact: Ralph Hexter  (;




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