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December, 1996

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that might be too brief for publication in more traditional scholar-
ly journals. *LAN* also serves as a more structured corollary to
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*LAN* seems to have found a niche. It now has some 900 subscribers,
and the list continues to grow. The vitality of the field of Late
Antiquity also is indicated by the great number of activities that
are underway. This issue of *LAN* is actually being issued about a
month early not only because of the volume of material that has ac-
cumulated since the last issue, but also because of the number of
activities that either are taking place in November or which have
November deadlines. We draw your attention in particular to the
upcoming Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity II conference, spon-
sored by the Society for Late Antiquity and to be held on the Uni-
versity of South Carolina campus next March 13-16. A draft program
is included below, which we hope will prove of interest to many, and
we hope to see many of you next spring. To conclude, please keep us
informed about activities of any kind that relate to Late Antiquity,
and the next issue of *LAN* will be published early in 1997.






The Ohio State University
Holiday Inn on the Lane

10-13 April 1997

Speakers include Mary Beard (Classics, University of Cambridge),
Elizabeth Bellamy (English, University of New Hampshire), Rebecca
Bushnell (English, University of Pennsylvania), John Casey (English,
University of Cambridge), Cornelius Castoriadis (Ecole des Hautes
Etudes), Michael Crozier (Politics, University of Melbourne), Alice
Donohue (Classical Archaeology, Bryn Mawr), S.N. Eisenstadt (Hebrew
University of Jerusalem), John Ely (Politics, University of San
Francisco), Peter Euben (Politics, UC Santa Cruz), Carlo Ginzburg
(UCLA), Simon Goldhill (Classics, University of Cambridge), Kermit
Hall (History and Law, Ohio State University), Agnes Heller (New
School For Social Research), Ralph Johnson (Classics, University of
Chicago), Artemis Leontis (Modern Greek Program, Ohio State Univer-
sity), Michael Lykoudis (Architecture, University of Notre Dame),
Indra Kagis McEwen (Art History, McGill University), Oswyn Murray

For further information:

Professor Vassilis Lambropoulos Professor of Modern Greek
Department of Greek and Latin
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1229
phone: 614-292-6168

"Timothy E. Gregory"



27-29 August 1997

The South African Society for Patristic and Byzantine Studies will-
hold a conference from 27-29 August 1997 in Pretoria. A considera-
blenumber of international scholars has already indicated that they-
would like to read a paper at this conference.

The registration fee for the conference is US $30 (non-refundable)
and must be received before January 31, 1997. All other information
regarding the conference will only be sent to those whose registra-
tion fee has been paid. Please note that no other fees will be pay-
able at the conference (the banquet is optional). Please make your-
cheque payable to the University of Pretoria and send it to myself.
You can also contact me by e-mail . Please
send all your e-mail notes under the heading "S.A. Conference" (to
enable me to distinguish them from other junk mail).

There are many private houses and guest houses in the vicinity of
the University of Pretoria which offer very good accommodation. I
suggest that you book your accommodation as soon as possible. It
can sometimes become quite difficult to get good and safe accommoda-
tion. Ms. Anne Barkhuizen, Assistant Manager of Glenwood Travel
Agency in Pretoria, will be handling the following arrangements:

1. Accommodation in either standard or first class hotels or guest
2. Transfer from and to the Johannesburg International Airport.
3. Car rental.
4. Leisure program for spouses.
5. Pre- and post-conference tours such as:
- Eastern Transvaal Game Lodges
- Zimbabwe
- Garden Route
- Cape Town and wine farms
- City sightseeing (Pretoria and Johannesburg)
- Kruger National Park
- Sun City.

Please contact Ms. Anne Barkhuizen of Glenwood Travel Agency (P.O.
Box 36058, Menlo Park, 0102, South Africa). Her telephone number is
27 12 348-8131 and her fax number is 27 12 47-6785. The conference
will consist of short communications (20 mins. + 10 mins. discus-
sion) and papers (45 mins. + 15 mins. discussion). Please send to
my address your proposals for communications or papers.
To help us with organizing the conference, please return the fol-
low- ing as soon as possible, BUT DEFINITELY NOT LATER THAN JANUARY
31, 1997:


Title ..........................................................

Name ...........................................................

Address ........................................................



........................................................ .......................... Fax nr. .............

address ......................................................

Name of Institution ........................................

(delete that which is not applicable)

The proposed title of my communication/paper is:

Banquet (optional) : US$25

I want to attend the banquet / I do not want to attend the banquet
(delete that which is not applicable)


NOTE AGAIN: For accommodation and transport from the airport, con-
Ms. Barkhuizen (Glenwood Travel Agency, P.O. Box 36058,
Menlo Park, 0102, South Africa).

Please send this registration form and your cheque to:
Prof. Hendrik F. Stander
Dept. of Ancient Languages
University of Pretoria
Tel.: (27) (12) 420-2691 (W)
(27) (12) 47-3638 (H)
Fax: (27) (12) 420-4008 (W)
(27) (12) 47-3638 (H)




12-15 April 1997

The Seminar for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, University of
Western Ontario, invites abstracts for a conference, "The Laws and
the Prophets in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance," to be held at
the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Invited Guest Speakers include: S. Foot, D.M. Ganz, S. Justice, K.
Kerby-Fulton, N. Smith, and E.G. Stanley

Topics might include:
-- historiography of laws, of prophetic works
-- influence of the Bible, attitudes to the Bible,
approaches to the Old Testament and New Testament
-- the manuscript contexts of biblical, legal and prophetic works
-- influence of the biblical laws & prophets
on the development of legal frameworks, or
on notions of prayer and devotion
(both public and private)
-- prophetic figures in literature and history

Send abstracts or queries to:
M.J. Toswell,
Dept. of English, University of Western Ontario,
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 3K7
Tel. (519) 679-2111 ext. 5776

Abigail Ann Young



9-10 November 1996

A conference on "Monasticism in Cyprus" is hosted in Nicosia, Cyprus
on Cypriot Monasticism. Speakers include the Bishop of Riruta (Ke-
nya) Makarios, the abbott of Machairas monastery Athanasios, mr.An-
dreas Yakovlevic and about 20 other theologians, byzantinologists
and researchers. Subjects will circle around the St.Neophytos re-
cluse in Paphos, history of monasticism, monastic typika, relation-
ship of Cyprus monastics to slavic ones and Mt.Athos etc. The lan-
guage will be greek, anyone wishing for copies of papers please give
me subjects and I will see what I can get from the speakers. Anyone
wishing for the complete schedule will have a hard time, as it is
printed on dark blue paper which cannot be xeroxed, but if people
insist I will write it to the list myself (just make sure you tell
me which list you are writing from). The conference will be held in
the Kykko research center, Archangelos Nicosia (from the first traf-
fic lights west to Troodos).

Minos Orphanides


13-15 February 1997

How did the city of Rome change as it ceased to be the real capital
of the Roman Empire and as it became a Christian city? This will be
the subject of a conference which will take place at the Academy and
at the University of Rome on February 13-15, 1997, with the title
'The Transformations of Urbs Roma in Late Antiquity'. The conference
is being organized by William V. Harris and Andrea Giardina. Among
the speakers will be the Italian archaeologists Filippo Coarelli,
Federico Guidobaldi, Carlo Pavolinni and Clementina Panella, the
German ancient historian Frank Kolb, the director of the Spanish
Academy in Rome Javier Arce, and Nicholas Purcell, Elio Lo Cascio,
Augusto Fraschetti, Alan Cameron, Kate Cooper, Michele Salzman and
Richard Lim. A highlight of the meeting will be a visit to sites of
the period led by Emanuele Papi and Silvia Orlandi as well as by
Professors Panella and Pavolini. For further information please
contact Professor William V. Harris, History Department, Columbia
University, New York, N. Y. 10027, Fax 212-932-0602, E-MAIL

Elisabeth Fentress



25-28 February 1998

The College Art Association Program Committee for Toronto, February
25-28, 1998, has accepted a session proposal entitled: From Portrait
to Icon: Images of "the Holier Souls" in Roman and Early Christian
Art. I hope list members will start thinking now about putting to-
gether abstracts. The call for participation will come out in Janu-
ary, with a deadline in early April. The intention is to address
specific aspects of representation of the philosopher/poet/Holy
Man/ saint complex between the second and fifth centuries.

Commentator: Jay Francis

Alice Christ
Fine Arts 207
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0022



50th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

University of Kentucky

17-19 April 1997

Brief (no more than 2-page) abstracts are solicited for at least one
OPEN SESSION (no specified topic) and the following two panel ses-
sions. Each session will have up to 5 papers.


Humorous and satirical treatments of religious themes have a distin-
guished pedigree in Greek and Latin literature and have been used,
both in antiquity and in later ages, to dismiss or rationalize reli-
gion. Yet these texts can also contribute to a positive understand-
ing of religious consciousness or practice in antiquity. Papers are
solicited which examine these texts for such positive contributions,
for example, in defining "correct" religious opinion or action, dis-
tinguishing between religion and superstition, etc. We hope to in-
clude a broad chronological perspective, and proposals ranging from
the earliest Greek literature through Christian Late Antiquity will
be considered.


Recent scholarship has exploded the traditional contrast between
Greek openness and Roman prudery regarding the body, but what dis-
tinctions, if any, has it left? This session explores the state of
this question. Papers are solicited arguing either that there are
views and concepts of the body that can be identified as character-
istically Greek or Roman, or that such distinctions are invalid or
impossible. Proposals focusing on multi-disciplinary approaches
(e.g. Bourdieu, Laqueur, etc.) and the most recent scholarship are
particularly encouraged.

Proposals should be sent by November 22, 1996 electronically or by
mail or fax to either:

James Francis ( or Ross Scaife (scaife@pop.uky.

Classics Department
Patterson Tower 1015 phone (606) 257 3386
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0027 fax (606) 257-3743

Further information and details in regestration may also be obtained
from the above and on-line at:

or, -- send e-mail to: LISTSERV@LSV.UKY.EDU
-- in the message type SUB KFLC-L

Acceptance of your paper implies a commitment on your part to regis-
ter and attend the conference. All presenters must pay the appropri-
ate registration fee: $50 by April 1, $55 after April 1; $10 for
graduate students.




28-29 May 1997

The Israel Society for the Promotion of Classical Studies will hold
its twenty-sixth annual conference at the Hebrew University of Jeru-
salem in Jerusalem on 28-29 May 1997. Papers may address all aspects
of Greek and Roman antiquity (including Classical Archaeology). The
official languages of the conference are Hebrew and English. Propos-
als for papers should include a title and a synopsis of one page.
Speakers are allocated thirty minutes. It is recommended that speak-
ers plan their papers to last twenty minutes, allowing ten more
minutes for discussion. Proposals should be sent no later than March
1st 1997 to Dr Rachel Feig Vishnia, Secretary of the Society, De-
partment of History, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 69978, Israel.
Fax: 972-3-6406229; E-mail:

The final decision concerning the acceptance of papers rests with
the Programme Committee. Applicants are expected to fund their own
journey and stay in Israel, but accomodations can be reserved at
hotels offering special rates to the Hebrew University on condition
that applications are made well in advance. Concerning the possibil-
ity of alternative accomodation, please contact the secretary. Like-
wise, papers for the Society's publication, Scripta Classica Israel-
ica, may be forwarded to the committee via the secretary.

price jonathan




An International, Interdisciplinary Conference

7-8 March 1997

The George Washington University, Washington DC

The CULTURAL VIOLENCE conference will assemble members from many
different academic disciplines to explore the ways in which "cul-
ture" can act as a violent force both to construct and to marginal-
ize difference and to constrain individual expression. The confer-
ence organizers feel that it is important to address not just the
obvious displays of violence with which we are confronted on a daily
basis, but also the unspoken ways in "culture" undergirds those con-
flicts and fosters violence among individuals and groups. Through
the conference, it is hoped that dialogue will be established con-
cerning the ways in which culture structures lived daily existence
and imposes limitations on subject positions and that this dialogue
can serve as the basis upon which to found strategies of liberatory

Students and faculty members of programs in all divisions of the
Humanities and Social Sciences are invited to submit abstracts for
consideration for presentation
at CULTURAL VIOLENCE. Both broad and specific interpretations of
the conference theme are welcome, as are innovative and interdisci-
plinary forms of presentation and collaboration. *SIX* copies of
200 word abstracts should be submitted, along with a *separate*
listing of name, paper title, institutional and departmental affili-
ation, preferred mailing address, phone, and e-mail address by NO-
VEMBER 15,1996 to Jeffrey A. Weinstock, Program in the Human
Sciences, The George Washington University, Washington, DC 20052.
Selected papers will be published in *COLLEGE LITERATURE,* a refe-
reed triannual journal of scholarly and cultural criticism edited by
Kostas Myrsiades and dedicated to the needs of college/university

Abstracts due: November 15, 1996
Notification by: December 1, 1996
Finished papers by: January 31, 1997

World Wide Web Site


Summaries and Updates of Previous Conferences and Announcements



26-30 December 1996

The session topic of the Three Year Colloquium on Late Antiquity of
the American Philological Association meeting in New York, 26-30
December 1996, will be "Ceremony and Spectacle in Late Antiquity,"
Geoffrey Harrison and Michael Roberts, Organizers. Papers as fol-

1. Ralph W. Mathisen, University of South Carolina
"Emperors and Subjects: Consular Ceremony in Late Antiquity"
2. Jon E. Lendon, Massachussetts Institute of Technology
"The Adoration of the Purple and the Imperial Regime of Honors"
3. Michele Salzman, University of California, Riverside
"Festival Time and Religious Space in Late Antique Rome"
4. Paul E. Kimball, State University of New York, Buffalo
"Bloodless Victory and the Sea of Fire: Triumphal and Apocalyp-
tic Symbols in Liturgical Processions"

Discussant: Richard Lim, Smith College

Time and day are still to be set by the APA.
Information: (Michael Roberts)




25-27 April 1997

(conference update)

"Sailing to Byzantium"

The Tenth Conference of The Australian Association for Byzantine
Studies to be held at the Australian National University in Canberra
Friday April 25th (Anzac Day) to Sunday 27th an Australian long
weekend, Easter for the Orthodox and Canberra's autumn leaves at
their glorious best (Canberra is the national capital, set in the
mountains, about 3 hours' drive or a short plane trip from Sydney.)

Conference theme. It is intended that everyone, including research
students, should be able to navigate their way around this theme and
present a paper if they wish. Either one hour or half-hour shifts at
the helm will be the norm. The theme need not be interpreted liter-
ally. While nautical subjects, or a nautical twist, would be very
appropriate, it may be treated allegorically, with the emphasis
placed on the sub-title.


Dr Ann Moffatt, Art History Department, ANU, Canberra, ACT 0200
Phone: (61) 6-249.2901 (W) or 6-247.4783 (H); Fax: (61) 6-249.2705

The final date for offering a paper will be (yes) Friday December
13th and a synopsis of approx. 300 words must be submitted by March
1st, 1997 to be circulated with the draft program prior to the con-



22-24 August 1997

A small research conference concerning Regionalism in Hellenistic
and Roman Asia Minor is being planned to be held at Trinity College,
Hartford, CT, on Friday 22nd-Sunday 24th August, 1997. Participants
will be asked to explore the mechanisms that create and maintain
regional cohesion in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor.

For further information, contact the organizers: Gary Reger, Box
702550, Trinity College, Hartford CT 06106, email at gary.reger@, telephone 860-297-2393; or Hugh Elton, History
and Classics Departments, Trinity College, Hartford CT 06106, email
at, telephone 860-297-2230. Fax for
both: 860-297-5111.


(Updated Announcement)



13-16 March 1997

Sponsored by

The Society for Late Antiquity
Units of the the University of South Carolina:
The College of Liberal Arts
The Department of History
The Department of English
The Department of Religious Studies
The Department of French and Classics

The Second Interdisciplinary Late Antiquity Conference on the topic
of "The Transformation of Law and Society in Late Antiquity" will be
held March 13-16, 1997, on the campus of the University of South
Carolina in Columbia, S.C. This conference will provide a forum
where many disparate strands of thought about the role of law,
broadly defined, during Late Antiquity can be brought together into
a cohesive whole.

The preliminary program is as follows:


Thursday, March 15

10:00-12:00 Tour of Historic Sites in Columbia (for early arri-

3:00- 4:00 Registration

4:00- 4:30 Welcomes I, Introductions

SECTION I. The Imperial Perspective

4:30- 5:30 SESSION I. Law and the Imperial Administration

Michael Kulikowski (University of Toronto) "Vicars and
the Law in Late Antiquity"

Geoffrey Greatrex (Univ of Wales-Cardiff) "Lawyers and
Historians in Late Antiquity"

7:00- 8:30 SESSION II. Law and Imperial Policy I:
Secular Issues

Chair: Ronald Weber (Univ. of TexasDEl Paso)

Jonathan S. Perry (Univ. of N. Carolina) "'Making
Revolution in Silk Gloves': Law and Society under the
Emperor Julian"

Hugh Elton (Trinity College) "The Codex Theodosianus
and Military Recruiting"

Frank M. Clover (Univ. of Wisconsin) "The Legal
Background of the Civil War of A.D. 470-472"

Friday, March 16

8:30- 9:00 Welcomes II

9:00-10:30 SESSION III. Law and Imperial Policy II:
Religious Issues

Dennis Trout (Tufts University) "Lex and Iussio: The
Feriale Campanum and Christianity in the Theodosian

Beatrice Caseau (Univ. of ParisDIV, Sorbonne) "The
Christianisation of Law: The Protection of Religious

Abram Hubbell (Harvard University) "The Codex
Justinianus and the Forced Conversion of Jews in Early
Byzantine Society"

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 SESSION IV: Emperors, Law Codes, and Society

Dirk Schlinkert (Inst fur Geschichte der Technischen
Hochschule Darmstadt) "Between Emperor, Court, and
Senatorial Order: The Codification of the Codex
Laurens E. Tacoma (Leiden University) "The De
Decurionibus Section in the Codex Theodosianus"

1:30- 3:30 SESSION V: Soldiers and Bandits

John F. Shean (University of Wisconsin) "Church and
the Duties of the Christian Soldier"

Peter Sarris (All Souls College, Oxford) "Imperial Law
and Provincial Society: The Case of Men-at-Arms on the
Large Estates of Byzantine Egypt"

Brian McGing (Trinity, Dublin) "Bandits Real and
Imagined in Greco-Roman Egypt"

3:30- 4:00 Break

SECTION II. The Personal Perspective

4:00- 5:30 SESSION VI: The Family, Substantive and

Antti Arjava (University, Helsinki) "Paternal Power in
Late Antiquity"

Charles Pazdernik (Princeton University) "Justinian's
Novels and the Law of Succession"

Francisco Javier Lomas Salmonte (Universidad de Cadiz)
"Pauperum alimenta. Forms of dependance in the Western
Latin Churches"

6:00- 7:30 Reception

Saturday, March 17

9:00-10:30 SESSION VII. The Law and Ethnicity.

Christopher A. Hoffman (Univ. of California, Berkeley)
"Magic and Ethnicity at Rome: A Legal Approach"
Linda Jones Hall (Univ. of Dayton) "Berytus 'Nutrix
Legum':Ethnicity,Class,and Religion in the City of the
Roman Law Schools"

Yitzchak Kerem (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki,
Greece) "Involvement of Hellenistic Jews in Legal
Systems in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Periods"

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:30 SESSION VII. Virgins, Saints, and Nuns

Judith Evans Grubbs (Sweet Briar College) "Virgins and
Widows, Show-girls and Whores: Late Roman Legislation
on Women and Christianity"

Fannie J. LeMoine (Univ. of Wisconsin) "Hysteria,
Decorum, and Good Use of the Devil's Arguments"

Catherine R. Peyroux (Duke University) "Canonists
Construct the Nun?: Canonical Legislation about Women
Religious in Merovingian and Carolingian France"

SECTION III. The Barbarian Perspective

1:45- 3:45 SESSION VIII. The Law in Barbarian Europe: Setting
the Stage

Karen Eva Carr (Portland State Univ) "From Alaric
to the Arab conquest: Visigothic efforts to Achieve
Pamela G. Sayre (Henry Ford Community College,
Dearborn, Mich.) "Law and the Barbarian Ruler"

Alexander C. Murray (Erindale College, University of
Toronto) "Distinguishing Roman and Germanic Law in
Merovingian Gaul"

Dmitri Starostine (Univ. of Michigan) "Law and the
Traditional Practice in Early Medieval Law-Codes"

4:00- 4:15 Break
4:15- 6:15 SESSION VIII. The Law in Barbarian Europe:

Chair: Scott Gawra (Univ. of S. Carolina)

Linda Ellis (San Francisco State University), Marius
Tiberius Alexianu (Alexandru I. Cuza University, Iasi,
Romania) "Duplex ius: The survival of Romano-Byzantine
and Customary Law on Dacian/Romanian territory"

Michael Jones (Bates University) "The Legacy of Roman
Law in Post-Roman Britain"

Lisi Oliver (Lousiana State U.) "Cyninges Fedesl: The
King's Feeding in Early Anglo-Saxon Law"

Kathy Pearson (Old Dominion University) "Germanic Law
and Barbarian Diet"

6:00- 7:30 Reception

Sunday, March 18

SECTION IV. The Ecclesiastical Perspective

8:30- 9:30 SESSION IX. Religion and the Law.

Gillian Clark (University of Liverpool) "Spoiling the
Egyptians: Divine and Human Law in Late Antiquity"

Victoria Erhart (Dumbarton Oaks) "The Impact of Law
and Social Customs on the Development of Syriac
Christian Canon Law in the Sasanian Empire"

9:30-11:30 SESSION X. Bishops and the Law.

Kevin Uhalde (Princeton Univ) "Proof and Reproof:
The Repertoire of Confrontational Bishops"
Leslie Dossey (Harvard Univ) "Legal Privilege and
the Ecclesiastical Courts in Late Antique N. Africa"

Noel Lenski (Univ. of Colorado) "Evidence for the
Audientia Episcopalis in the New Letters of Augustine"
Mary E. Sommar (Syracuse University) "Pragmatic
Application of Proto-Canon Law: Episcopal Translation"

11:30-20:00 Closing Discussion: The Future

Program Committee: Beatrice Caseau (Univ. of Paris IV -- Sorbonne),
Gillian Clark (Univ. of Liverpool), Jacqueline Long (Univ. of
Texas), David Miller (Tulsa, Okla.), Hagith Sivan (Institute for
Advanced Study), and Dennis Trout (Tufts).

The month of March in South Carolina is spectacular, with the aza-
leas in full bloom and the weather as good as it ever gets. Colum-
bia is served by several major airlines and easily reached by Inter-
states 26 from Asheville, N.C. (145 mi.), 20 from Atlanta (200 mi.),
and 77 from Charlotte, N.C. (90 mi.).
Registration is $50, with a student rate of $15. Lodging will be at
the Clarion Town House Hotel (803-771-8711: please specify the "Late
Antiquity Conference"), with a conference rate of $65 per night for
either single or double accommodation. To register, or for further
information, please contact Ralph W. Mathisen, Dept. of History,
University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. 29208, U.S.A. FAX 803-






Calvin College

I am pleased to announce that Andre F. Basson, a colleague here at
Calvin, will be lecturing on "Dining with the Dead: Death and Dying
in Late Antiquity" on Thursday, Nov. 7, at 3:30 p.m. in Hiemenga
Hall on the Calvin campus. If you will be in the area you are cor-
dially invited to attend.

An abstract of Andre's lecture may be found on our departmental web
page at under the rubric "Special

Mark Williams
Classics Department Voice: (616) 957-6293
Calvin College Fax: (616) 957-8551
Grand Rapids, MI
USA 49546



Seminaire de Patristique

Universite de Neuchatel

Cher(e)s collegues et cher(e)s ami(e)s,

Permettez-moi, en ma qualite de secretaire scientifique du GSEP et
de charge de cours permanent aupres du Seminaire de Patristique de
cette universite, de vous informer des seances de notre

Lieu: Universite de Fribourg, Salle Jeggi, 4212; pour la derniere
seance (juin 1997): Universite de Neuchatel. Programme de l'annee
academique 1996-1997

08.11.1996 VAN DAMME, Dirk (Universite de Fribourg)
La lettre de Ptolemee a Flora comme introduction a la Gnose.

06.12.1996 WIRBELAUER, Eckhard (Universite de Freiburg i.B.)
Die Symmachianischen und Laurentianischen DOCUMENTA.
Ergebnisse, Thesen, Forschungsperspektiven

17.01.1997 WURST, Gregor (Universite de Fribourg)
L'homelie De anima et corpore de Meliton.

07.02.1997 LUKINOVICH, Alessandra (Universite de Geneve)
Le poeme autobiographique de Gregoire de Nazianze.

07.03.1997 Assemblee Generale
+ WERMELINGER, Otto (Universite de Fribourg)
Recherches sur Julien d'Eclane.

02.05.1997 TISSOT, Yves (Universite de Neuchatel)
La chronologie des Lettres Festales de Denys d'Alexandrie.

06.06.1997 ANDRIST, Patrick (Universite de Geneve)
La Controverse entre Athanase et Zacchee et l'emploi de
Testimonia de l'Ancien Testament.
[seance se deroulant a l'universite de Neuchatel)

Flavio G. Nuvolone
Universite de Fribourg
Groupe Suisse d'Etudes Patristiques
Schweizerische Patristische Arbeitsgemeinschaft
Seminaire de Patristique
Universite - Misericorde
Tel. (041-37) 29'73'73 - FAX 29'97'45
des novembre 1996: Tel. (041-026) 300'74'02 // 300'73'73 //
FAX (041-026) 300'97'45





I measure tree-rings from the Eastern end of the Mediterranean,
starting with living trees on the late end of the scale, and going
back to the Neolithic on the early end of the scale. Somewhere in
the middle of it all is Late Antiquity, one of my biggest headaches
so far, simply because of the lack of wood and charcoal in archaeo-
logical sites or in standing Roman or Early Byzantine buildings.

We have an absolute oak chronology which goes back in an unbroken
sequence to A.D.362. Then we have snippets here and there until we
get to Pompeii/Herculaneum. If any of you have datable samples or
would like to know more about what we do, our Web site is "Peter Ian Kuniholm">

Peter Ian Kuniholm
Department of the History of Art and Archaeology
G-35 Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. 14853-3201.
Tel. (607)255-8650 lab.; (607)255-9732 office; (607)257-7845
FAX=(607)255-1454. INTERNET


I would like to call your attention to the Argos project, the first
peer-reviewed search engine on the internet. Argos employees a team
of well-qualified professionals to pre-filter the material going
into its index so that when users search for something, all the ref-
erences that come back are related to the ancient and medieval
worlds. The procedure is spelled out in more detail on the supple-
mental pages of Argos. Please visit

Anthony F. Beavers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Philosophy & Religion
Managing Editor, Argos Limited Area Search of the Ancient World




At Cardiff Univ. of Wales, there exists a group of scholars devoted
to Patristic and Late Antique studies, with a range and depth of
expertise as extensive as any such group in the U.K. With currently
six active researchers in the field, whose expertise ranges fromthe
Latin West to the Christian Near East and the second century of the
Common Era to the Early Middle Ages, the group offers to postgradu-
ate students who wish to specialise in this field a stimulating in-
tellectual environment in which to pursue either research to M.Phil.
or Ph.D. level or advanced, research-orientated study leading to the
degree of M.A.


Members of the group offer supervision to research students leading
to the degrees of M.Phil. or Ph.D. Research may be undertaken full-
time or part-time.

The MA in Religion and Late Antiquity

This is a taught masters scheme, of one year's duration for full-
time students or two year's duration for part-time students. The
scheme is in 2 parts.

Part I consists of 3 taught courses selected from the list below.
(Not all courses are available every year). There is also instruc-
tion in research skills and methodology. Teaching and learning are
principally through personal or group tutorials, designed to support
and guide the student's own reading and writing in the chosen areas.
Assessment is by presented essays or formal examination.

The following courses are presently offered:

Second Century Christianity
Religion and Society in Late Antiquity
Women in Early Christianity
Early Christian worship
Byzantine Christianity
Syriac Christianity
Byzantine Greek texts
Syriac texts
Arabic texts

Part 2 is a dissertation on not more than 20,000 words on a topic
chosen in consultation with the teachers.

A regular seminar provides a forum for the development of skills in
research and its presentation, for student interchange, and the op-
portunity to discuss ideas with visiting scholars and students in
neighbouring fields.

Competence in relevant languages is an essential requirement for
pursuing advanced research in this area. Students with a good basic
knowledge of Greek and/or a Semitic language may build on this
knowledge by choosing to study a text in the languages concerned
(Greek, Syriac, Arabic) as components in their part 1 selection.
Those without sucha basic knowledge will be expected to attend
classes in one language and successfully complete a course of ele-
mentary instruction if they wish subsequently to enrol for a re-
search degree. Those already knowing one language and wishing to
acquire another will be encouraged to do so.
Members of the dept.:

-Christine Trevett, MA PhD (Christianity in C2; women in early
-Frank Trombley, BA, MA, CPhil, PhD (Religion and society in late
antiquity; Byzantine Christianity; Byzantine Greek texts; Arabic
-John Watt, MA PhD (Syriac Christianity; Syriac texts)
-Rev. Gordon Jeanes, MA, BD (Early Christian worship)
-Geoffrey Greatrex, MA, DPhil (Research Fellow in Byzantine history)
-Rt. Rev. Rowan Williams, DD, FBA (Honorary Professor; Heresy; Spir-

Further information and application forms available from

Geoffrey Greatrex


Organisation de la vie patristique en Pologne

La vie patristique dans la Pologne d'aujourd'hui se concentre surt-
out dans deux institutions academiques: dans le Centre des Etudes de
l'Antiquite Chretienne pres de l'Universite Catholique de Lublin et
dans le Centre Patristique pres de l'Academie de Theologie Catho-
lique de Varsovie.

I. Le Centre des Etudes de l'Antiquite Chretienne pres de
l'Universite Catholique de Lublin, cree en 1969 par les professeurs
J.M. Szymusiak et L. Malunowicz, reunit des specialistes de
differentes disciplines qui s'interessent a l'antiquite chretienne.
C'est un centre typiquement scientifique, non-didactique, qui a son
siege, sa bibliotheque patristique, son periodique "Vox Patrum" et
l'ensemble de quelques personnes y employees. Conformement a son
reglement, ce Centre doit coordonner et mener les recherches concer-
nant les ecritures patristiques, l'archeologie et l'art paleo-
chretien, doit entrer en contact avec les specialistes polonais et
etrangers de l'antiquite chretienne, doit propager la pensee
paleochretienne par les editions et les conferences, et une fois par
an organiser un colloque scientifique de deux jours pendant lequel
les specialistes polonais et
les souvent invites savants etrangers presentent l'etat de leurs
recherches et les coordonnent (a partir de 1970, le Centre a
organise 27 colloques de ce type; le dernier - "Le sacerdoce dans
l'antiquite chretienne" - a eu lieu 28-29 octobre 1991, le suivant -
"Le travail charitable dans l'Eglise antique - aura lieu les 25-26
octobre 1992). Le Centre edite les publications suivantes: une
serie patristique bilingue qui a un caractere d'anthologie "Staro-
zytne Teksty Chrzescijanskie - Antiqui Textus Christiani" (son der-
nier volume porte le titre "Anthologie de la priere patristique") et
aussi "Vox Patrum" - une revue semestrielle patristique, unique dans
l'Europe Centrale (depuis 1991, on a publie 18 tomes, chacun de 500
pages environ). Directeur du Centre et redacteur de "Vox Patrum" -
Rev. Stanislaw Longosz, adresse du Centre - rue Chopin 29/5A, 20-023
Lublin, tel. 228-10.

Il convient d'ajouter encore qu'a la Faculte de Theologie de
l'Universite Catholique de Lublin, il existe aussi la Chaire de Pa-
trologie et la Chaire de l'Histoire de l'Eglise antique ou les
ecclesiastiques et les laics peuvent etudier la pensee
paleochretienne et obtenir les titres scientifiques.

II. Le Centre Patristique pres de l'Academie de Theologie Catholique
de Varsovie, cree en 1954. Depuis 1969, il y a deux domaines de son
activite: l'enseignement et l'edition. S'il agit du travail didac-
tique, c'est un lieu unique en Pologne qui a un programme complet
des cours et des seminaires patristiques et dans lequel les laics et
les ecclesiastiques peuvent faire les etudes patristiques station-
naires et obtenir les titres scientifiques (60 licences, 8 doctorats
et 6 habilitations a partir de 1954). Le Centre possede actuellment
4 chaires: Histoire de Litterature et de Theologie Patristique de
l'Est, Histoire de Litterature et de Theologie Patristique de l'Ou-
est, Histoire de l'Eglise Antique et la Chaire d'Archeologie
Paleochretienne. Le Centre publie la principale serie patristique
polonaise des traductions "Pisma Starochrzescijanskich Pisary -
Scripta Paleochristianorum Scriptorum" (de 1969, on a edite 56 vol-
umes) et une serie monographique "Studia Antiquitatis Christianae"
(depuis 1977 9 volumes), et aussi un petit bulletin d'information
"Biuletyn Patrystyczny". Directeurs du Centre et des Editions: Rev.
Emil Stanula et Rev. Wincenty Myszor, adresse: rue Dewajits 5, 01-
653 Varsovie, tel. 39-52-21.

III. Les autres institutions patristiques:

1. "Section Patristique Polonaise", formee en 1977 pres de la Co-
mission de l'Episcopat Polonais pour les questions de la Science
Catholique. Elle reunit les enseignants de la patrologie qui est
donnee dans 26 Grands Seminaires Diocesains, 22 Grands Seminaires
Monastiques et dans les Facultes Pontificales Theologiques (Cra-
covie, Poznan, Varsovie, Wroclaw). Les membres de la Section sont
obliges de participer a une rencontre scientifique organisee chaque
annee par un des Grands Seminaires.

2. "Les traductions des ouvrages des Peres de l'Eglise" sont pub-
lie en Pologne encore par l'Edition "Znak" a Cracovie - une serie
qui a un caractere d'anthologie "Ojcowie Zywi" - Patres Vivi" sous
la direction de Rev. M. Starowieyski (depuis 1978 - 10 volumes) et
l'Edition "Pax" a Varsovie qui publie les traductions et les monog-
raphies patristiques sans les numeros (depuis 1952- 39 volumes).

Vu la difficile situation economique de la Pologne, l'activite pa-
tristique des institutions citees ci-dessus est menacee ou retardee.
Pour la sauver, les organisateurs de la vie patristique en Pologne
sont obliges souvent de chercher des fondations ou des protecteurs
qui peuvent aider au moins en partie.
S. Longosz - E. Stanula
Andrius Valevicius
Faculte de Theologie Universite de Sherbrooke
Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada




I am publishing with Annales an article entitled "Horizons tardo-
antiques de l'ecriture medievale des rituels" (devoted to
martyrdom). It is a French version of chapter 4 of my forthcoming:
*The Dangers of Ritual. Politics of Medieval Anthropology* (under
advance contract with Princeton U.P.)

Philippe C Buc
Philippe Buc
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-2024 USA
(415) 723 0694 or (Department) 2651 *** FAX: (415) 725 0597****


Work in progress by Walter Dunphy:

"Caelestius: A Preliminary Investigation," Academia 60, 1994, pp.
"The Writings of Caelestius," Academia 61, 1995, pp. 25-47.
"A Prelude to the Synod of Diospolis: The Liber Apologeticus of
Orosius," Academia, 62, 1995, pp. 123-53.
"Concerning the Synod of Diospolis and its Acts," Academia, 63,
1996, pp.
("Pelagianism and the definition of orthodoxy" - in Japanese) Japan
Theological Conference, 5, 1994, pp. 53-69.
"Jerome against Jovinian, and other(s). (A note on Epp. 50 and
Academia 64, 1996, pp. 25-53.

In print:
"Pelagius or Caelestius? An Unidentifited Text." [Academia 65,
("An annotated translation of Jerome's Ep. 50 to Domnio"- in Japa-
nese) to appear in the next issue of Nanzan Shingaku (= Theology).

In preparation:
"An Unlisted Profession of Faith." (= Ps.Ruf De fide)
(A Japanese translation, with notes, of Jerome Ep. 133)
(On the author of the De possibilitate non peccandi of the Caspari
A new edition of the Ps.-Rufinus De fide, with subsequent commentary
An edition of the unedited Hiberno-Latin commentary on Luke.

Walter Dunphy




Heinz Heinen, *Fruehchristliches Trier. Von den Anfaengen bis zur
Voelkerwanderung* (Trier, 1996) 303 pp., 50 illustr., Price: DM
40,-- Paulinus-Verlag Trier, Fleischstr. 62-65, 54290 Trier, Fax:
0651-9799-165, ISBN 3-7902-0178-2

Das roemische Gallien: die Umwelt des fruehen Christentums
Das Roemische Reich, Gallien und Trier
Fruehe Christen: die gallische Metropole Lyon
und ihre Verbindung mit Trier
Heidnische Kulte in Trier und im Trevererland
Die Krise des Roemerreiches und die Reformen Diokletians
Die Christenverfolgung und die Trierer Maertyrertradition
Die Christenverfolgung unter Diokletian
und seinen Mitherrschern
Die Trierer Tradition von den Maertyrern
der Thebaeischen Legion
Das Toleranzedikt des Galerius vom Jahre 311
Die ersten Bischoefe Triers
Die Trierer Bischofsliste
Bischof Eucharius und die Witwe Albana
Das Konzil von Arles im Jahre 314
Konstantin der Grosse und Helena: Trier als Kaiserresidenz und Bisc-
hofssitz (306-337)
Konstantins Hinwendung zum Christentum
Helena, Bischof Agricius und die Reliquien des Trierer Domes
Helena und die Anfaenge des Trierer Domes
Bischof Maximinus und der Kampf um die Rechtglaeubigkeit - Athana-
sius im Trierer Exil
Maximinus und Athanasius
Die Grabungen in St. Maximin und der Sarkophag mit der
Darstellung des Guten Hirten
Bischof Paulinus: Glaubenskampf und Verbannung
Die Usurpation des Magnentius: Politik und Religion (350-
Das Episkopat des Paulinus
Der Sarg des Paulinus
Die Grabinschrift des Ursinianus und die Bestattung ad sanc-
Die Nachfolge des Paulinus: Bischof Bonosius
Die letzte Bluete des roemischen Trier: die Zeit der valentinianis-
chen Dynastie (364-383)
Der politische Rahmen
Die Gebete des Ausonius
Die Osterverse (Versus Paschales)
Das grosse Morgengebet: die Oratio
Staatsstreich und Ketzerprozess
Die Usurpation des Magnus Maximus (383-388)
Der Prozess gegen die Priszillianer
Martin von Tours und die Priszillianer
Augustinus und die Anfaenge des Moenchtums in Trier
Der Niedergang des Heidentums im spaetroemischen Trier Der
Felix, Bischof von Trier
Verbot der heidnischen Kulte und Ausklang des Heidentums
Vom heidnischen zum christlichen Trier:
das Nachleben paganer Traditionen
Ende und Neubeginn: die Voelkerwanderung
Ausgewaehlte Literatur

Heinz Heinen
Professor of Ancient History at the University of Trier, Germany.


Mercedes Serrato, *Ascetismo femenino en Roma. Estudios sobre San
Jeronimo y San Agustin*, Servicio de Publicaciones, Universidad de
Cadiz 1993, ISBN 84-7786-125-5.


Abreviaturas utilizadas.


1. Primicias asceticas en Occidente. Primeros testimonios. Testimo-
nios asceticos del siglo tercero. Testimonio del sinodo de Elvira.
La *uelatio uirginalis*. Los *exempla*, acicate para la ascesis vir-
2. Ascetismo mundano. Consideraciones de San Jeronimo sobre la mora-
lidad de Roma. Contexto social del ascetismo mundano.
3. Hijas destinadas a la virginidad. Caracter voluntario de la
*professio uirginalis*. Promesa de los progenitores. Parecer de San
Agustin. Propedeutica de San Jeronimo. La virginidad ofrendada, cu-
estion familiar. Oposicion paterna a la virginidad.
4. El monacato femenino en Roma. Primeros influjos del ascetismo
monastico. Las *monachae christianae* del circulo del Aventino.
5. Rasgos caracteristicos de la ascesis monastica. San Jeronimo y el
monacato femenino. El espacio social del monacato domestico. Abando-
no del cuerpo. *Lectio diuina*.
6 Monasterios femeninos.
Epilogo. Apendice.


Indice de temas y onomastico.
Indice de citas.

Francisco Javier Lomas Salmonte


N.Christie and S. Loseby eds., *Towns in Transition. Urban Evolution
in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. (Scolar Press: London,
1996. Hardback, 49 illus. 328 pages. 234 x 156mm. Cost: #45.00


B. Ward-Perkins - Urban Continuity?
S. Keay - Tarracona in Late Antiquity
S. Loseby - Arles in Late Antique Gaul
N. Christie - Towns and peoples on the Middle Danube
E. Ivison - Burial and urbanism at late Antique and Early Byzantine
A. Walmsley - Byzantine palestine and Arabia
S. Roskams - Urban Transition in N. Africa: Roman and Medieval Towns
of the Maghreb
M. Carver - Transitions to islam, the 5th-10th century East and
South Mediterranean
R. Balzaretti - Local Economies in the Po Valley, AD 700-875
G. Halsall - Towns, Societies and Ideas and Late Roman and early
Merovingian Metz
S. Roskams - Urban Transition in Early Medieval Britain: The case of
R. Hodges - Dream Cities: Emporia and the End of the Dark Ages

Order from: Paula Goodall, Customer Services, Scolar Press, Gower
House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 3HR, UK.
Tel: +44 (0)1252 317700; fax +44 (0) 1252 343151.

From: NJC10



A video on Papyrology
produced by Peter Arzt

First aquisitions by Theodor Graf, the Vienna Collection, the first
excavations (Grenfell, Hunt, Wilcken), the first volume of the Oxyr-
Papyri, the conservation of papyri.
Various documents (from birth until death) concerning birth,
census-declarations, school and education, business matters, mili-
service, marriage, taxes, death.
A special part is dedicated to the literary papyri.
Today's problems and perspectives of papyrology.
Papyri from the Vienna collection, mummy portraits ...
Interviews: Roger S. Bagnall, Walter E.H. Cockle, Dieter Hagedorn,
Harrauer, Burbel Kramer, Herwig Maehler, Orsolina Montevecchi, Peter
Parsons, Rosario Pintaudi, and Pieter J. Sijpesteijn.

The video is dedicated to PIETER J. SIJPESTEIJN (1934-1996)

Language: German VHS, PAL (NTSC on demand), ca. 45 min.
The costs are 200,- Austrian shillings (+ shipping and handling:
Europe ATS 65,-, to the USA with overseas air mail ATS 100,-).
For NTSC format, please, allow an extra charge of ATS 100,-.

Please, specify if you want a copy in PAL or in NTSC and send your
order to:
Univ.-Ass. Dr. Peter Arzt
Institut fuer Neutestamentliche Bibelwissenschaft
Universitaetsplatz 1, A-5020 Salzburg
Fax: +662/8044-251
Tel.: +662/8044-2603


B. A. Litvinskii and C. A. Bromberg eds., *The Archaeology and Art
of Central Asia Studies from the Former Soviet Union*, Volume 8 of
the Bulletin of the Asia Institute (1996)

This book should be of interest to readers of the Late Antiquity
Newsletter. Studies include material from Anatolia as well as an-
cient Bactria, Sogdiana, etc. This large, well-illustrated volume
is intended as a reference work as well as a summary of Soviet-peri-
od archaeology and contains a detailed index and library-checked


A. I. Isakov, "Sarazm: An Agricultural Center of Ancient Sogdiana"
A. Askarov and T. Shirinov, "The 'Palace,' Temple, and Necropolis of
V. I. Sarianidi, "Aegean-Anatolian Motifs in the Glyptic Art of Bac-
tria and Margiana"
I. V. P'iankov, "The Ethnic History of the Sakas"
B. A. Litvinskii and I. R. Pichikian, "The Hellenistic Architecture
and Art of the Temple of the Oxus"
B. I. Vainberg, "The Kalali-Gir 2 Ritual Center in Ancient Khwarazm"
G. V. Shishkina, "Ancient Samarkand"
V. N. Pilipko, "Excavations of Staraia Nisa"
A. Bader, V. Gaibov, and G. Koshelenko, "Materials for an Archaeo-
logical Map of the Merv Oasis"
V. A. Livshits and V. G. Shkoda, "Old Indian Kapala in a Bactrian
Inscription from Qara-Tepe"
E. V. Rtveladze, "Kampir-Tepe: Structures, Written Documents, and
D. V. Rusanov, "The Fortifications of Kampir-Tepe"
IU. A. Rapoport, "The Palaces of Topraq-Qal'a"
B. I. Marshak and V. I. Raspopova, "Worshipers from the Northern
Shrine of Temple II, Panjikent"
L. V. Pavchinskaia, "Sogdian Ossuaries"
G. A. Pugachenkova, "The Form and Style of Sogdian Ossuaries"
E. V. Zeimal', "The Circulation of Coins in Central Asia during the
Medieval Period"

Bibliography and Index
Clothbound, 8= x 11= "; ca. 350 pp., 244 ills.
$65 + $8 shipping in U.S. funds, U.S. bank
Pre-payment necessary. Order from:
Bulletin of the Asia Institute, 3287 Bradway Blvd., Bloomfield
Hills, MI
Telephone: 810-647-7917; Fax: 810-647-9223

Carol Bromberg:


Geoff Boxell, *Woden's Wolf* (Auckland, 1996)

*Woden's Wolf* covers the turbulent years from 1066 to 1100 and fol-
lows the story of Godfrew of Garrett in the county of Surrey as he
struggles to come to grips with the English defeat at Hastings and
the resultant Norman Conquest.

History often only tells the stories of the rich and famous, this
tale is that of a young man from a small holding who served King
Harold Godwinson as a warrior in the English militia. After Hastings
he losses both family and land and has to try and start again. Seek-
ing refuge in the Welsh Marches where the Normans had yet to estab-
lish their hold he joins Edric the Wild and takes part in his rebel-
lions against William the Conqueror. After the failure of the rebel-
lions and that of Hereward the Wake in the fens, he becomes attached
to the household of Earl Ralph of East Anglia who makes use of his
talents as both a warrior and an administrator. Leaving the Earl=92s
service just prior to the disastrous Revolt of the Earls, which lost
Ralph his English possessions, the young man disappears into the
Thameside mist to reappear again as an old man in the reign of the
English born Henry I. Cast out of his time he has problems adjusting
to the new order that exists and in avoiding the demons from the

Published by Gama Enterprises, PO Box 99 085, Newmarket, Auckland,
New Zealand. ISBN 0-473-03939-7. US$17

Geoff Boxell


Porphyrogenitus is a small non-profit making organisation which pub-
lishes books of Greek and Byzantine interest. The latest list is now
available electronically or by snail mail from:

Porphyrogenitus Ltd.
27 Upper Gordon Road
Surrey, GU15 2HJ
United Kingdom


Brief Announcements

J.A.S. Evans, *The Age of Justinian: The Circumstances of Imperial
Power* was published by Routledge (London/New York) in May of this
year. Order from Routledge 29 W. 35th St. NYC, NY 10001 Fax 800-
248-4724. The price in Canadian dollars is $76.95.

From: James Evans

tains 175 documents in hieratic, demotic, aramaic, greek, coptic,
arabic, and latin with translation and commentary; general and sec-
tional introductions; greek, aramaic, and demotic prosopographies.
To appear this week or so.

bezalel porten





*The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies*, formerly *The
Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies*, has, under the new
editorship of David Aers and Annabel Wharton, expanded its chrono-
logical and geographical frame (from late antiquity through the 17th
c.; from the "New World to Asia) and put a new emphasis on interdis-
ciplinarity. Numbers are thematic. Each issue includes calls-for-
submissions for future numbers. The most recent issue, titled *Maps
of Authority: Conflict in the Medieval and Early Modern Urban Land-
scape*, includes: Cynthia Baker (Cornell), "Bodies, Boundaries, and
Domestic Politics in a Late Ancient Marketplace," Kathleen Ashley
(U. of Southern Maine) and Pamela Sheingorn (Baruch College), "Dis-
cordia et lis: Negotiating Power, Property, and Performance in Me-
dieval Selestat," Diane Shaw (Carnegie Mellon University), "The Con-
struction of the Private in Medieval London," Maria Georgopoulou
(Yale), "Mapping Religious and Ethnic Identities in the Venetian
Colonial Empire," Dana Leibsohn (Smith College), "Mapping Metaphors:
Figuring the Ground of Sixteenth-Century New Spain," and Annabel
Wharton (Duke), "Westminster Cathedral: Medieval Architectures and
Religious Difference."

For subscription information: Duke University Press, Box 90660, Dur-
ham, NC 27708-0656.

From: Annabel Wharton



The Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies announces and solic-
its contributions to *MEDIAEVALIA*. Professor Sandro Sticca and
other members of the editorial board will be available at the Octo-
ber 18-19 conference to answer any questions you may have.

*MEDIAEVALIA*: An Interdisiplinary Journal of Medieval Studies World
Wide. Editor-in-Chief: Sandro Sticca

*MEDIAEVALIA* is an interdisciplinary journal of scholarship on the
Middle Ages, as broadly defined. It also publishes articles on phi-
losophy, art history, literature and history that, though not
strictly interdisciplinary in themselves, may by their content lead
to interdisciplinary application. The editors especially invite
submissions on the history of science. In the development of new
knowledge, we seek to encourage significant new approaches in both
European and non European
medieval and early modern studies on the part of both established
and junior scholars.

MEDIAEVALIA will consider proposals for special issues by guest edi-
tors. No subsidy is required.

Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be double-spaced
throughout, in the main text and in the apparatus, and should be
submittd in duplicate copies, together with a copy on floppy disk in
Word Perfect 5.l/6.0 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. They
should be sent to Sandro Sticca, Editor-in-Chief, to the CEMERS,
Binghamton University, PO Box 6000, Binghamton, NY 13902-6000.

In matters of style, the JOURNAL follows the MLA handbook as its
basic style manual except that publishers need not be indicated in
citations. In general, a manuscript should not exceed 40 pages of
text; it should never be fewer than 15 pages of text.

Beginning with volume 21, the annual subscription rates for two
issues of the JOURNAL are: $20.00 for individuals, $15.00 for stu-
dents, $25.00 for institutions. Present and future subscribers are
invited to make a check payable to SSIPS/CEMERS and send it to Par-
viz Morewedge at the CEMERS address.




*Disputatio: An International Transdisciplinary Journal of the Late
Middle Ages* (Northwestern University Press) is soliciting submis-
sions for our 1998 volume:

Topic: (trans): Translation, Transformation, and Transubstantiation
in the Late Middle Ages
Deadline: 1 Nov. 1997 Submission requirements: Include 3 copies
suitable for anonymous review.
MLA style. English and all major European languages accept-
Submission address:

Carol Poster and Richard Utz, Editors
English Department
Baker 115
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls IA 50614 USA
fax: 319-273-5807

Carol Poster






The Department of History, College of Staten Island/CUNY, invites
applications for an anticipated tenure-track position as assistant
professor of History with a specialization in the history of Medie-
val Europe, to start September 1997. Required: a doctorate in his-
tory and promise of excellence in teaching and research. Responsi-
bilities include teaching medieval history, ancient history, and
interdisciplinary courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels,
performing department and college service, and carrying on research.
Salary: $34,011-$52,213, commensurate with qualifications. Review
of applications will begin on December 30, 1996 and continue until
the position is filled. Candidates should state whether or not they
will be available for interviews at the American Historical Associa-
tion's annual meeting in New York. Send a letter of application
that describes teaching interests, a curriculum vitae, and the
names, addresses, and telephone numbers of at least three references
to Professor S.J. Stearns, Chair, Search Committee, History Depart-
ment, Room 2N-215, College of Staten Island/CUNY, 2800 Victory
Boulevard, Staten Island, New York, 10314. EEO/AA/ADA employer

Kathryn Talarico




The Department of Classics is seeking applications for a tenure-
track position at the rank of Assistant Professor in Byzantine Greek
beginning September 1997. Only applicants with expertise and re-
search interest in Byzantine Greek literature and culture will be
considered; broad interests in intellectual history and culture are
also required. The successful candidate will be expected to devote
time and energy toward the creation of a coherent Ph.D. program in
Greek Studies and to participate in either the Ancient Greek or Mod-
ern Greek programs while helping to develop interdepartmental and
interdisciplinary ties in a large research university. Promise in
teaching and scholarship is essential, and evidence of accomplish-
ments in both is desirable. Teaching responsibilities will include
graduate courses and a variety of undergraduate courses (both in the
original languages and in translation). The deadline for receipt of
completed applications (including dossiers, three letters of recom-
mendation and a writing sample of 25-40 pages typescript) is Decem-
ber 1. Successful candidates will be invited to campus for a lec-
ture and interview.

Applications should be sent to Prof. Timothy E. Gregory, Chair of
the Search Committee, c/o The Department of Classics, 414 University
Hall, 230 N. Oval Mall, The Ohio State University, Columbus OH
43210. The Ohio State University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirma-
tive Action Employer. Minority and women candidates are encouraged
to apply.

Timothy E. Gregory



The Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies at the Univer-
sity of Minnesota invites applications for a full-time 9 month posi-
tion , beginning September 1997, at the rank of tenure-track assist-
ant or beginning tenured associate professor, depending on qualifi-
cations and experience, and consistent with existing collegiate and
university policy. We seek candidates with demonstrated promise of
excellence in teaching and research (minimum: Ph.D. in hand by
9/16/97) and with primary expertise in Mediterranean art and archae-
ology. The research focus is open; in addition to Greece and Rome,
research may include Late Antiquity, early Byzantine studies or the
Ancient Near East. Ability to contribute to a broad curriculum in
ancient Mediterranean studies is a must. Applications must include a
letter of application, curriculum vitae and at least three letters
of recommendation sent to the address below by the deadline. In
addition, candidates are encouraged to send writing samples (30 pp.
maximum), evidence of excellence in teaching, and for recent Ph.D.Us
a graduate school transcript. Please include a statement of avail-
ability for possible informational conversations in New York City,
Dec. 28-30. All materials must be postmarked by Nov. 15, 1996 and
addressed to:

Professor George Sheets
Chair, Search Committee
Department of Classical and Near Eastern Studies
University of Minnesota
330 Folwell Hall 9 Pleasant St. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0125

The University of Minnesota is committed to the policy that all per-
sons shall have equal access to its programs, facilities, and em-
ployment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national
origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance sta-
tus, veteran status, or sexual orientation.

Philip Sellew, Univ. of Minnesota,
Classical & NE Studies




CORNELL UNIVERSITY, College of Arts and Sciences, Religious Studies
Program, seeks to fill a new tenure-track position at the level of
assistant professor in the field of Christian Traditions. The suc-
cessful candidate will have completed the Ph.D. with training in
Christian traditions from an analytic perspective. She or he must
demonstrate primary command of the history and/or literature of
Christianity in late antiquity (with relevant linguistic
competence), including Christian origins, and be able to teach a
broad range of undergraduate courses in the Christian tradition.
Prior teaching experience at the college level is desirable. The
appointment will begin in July,1997 for an initial three-year term.
The appointment will be made by the department (or departments) ap-
propriate to the candidate's primary field(s). The appointee will
be expected to teach two courses
per semester, some of which will be determined by agreement between
the Religious Studies Program and the department. In addition, the
appointee will participate in the graduate program in his or her
special field. Applications received by November 15, 1996 will be
reviewed for a preliminary interview at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting
in New Orleans. The deadline for applications is December 15, 1996.
Review of applications will begin in mid October. Applicants are
urged to submit their credentials as soon as possible. Creden-
tials, including letter of application, CV, and letters of recommen-
dation should be sent to:

Kevin Clinton
Professor Kevin Clinton
Director, Religious Studies Program
259 Goldwin Smith Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853




Available: October 1, 1996. Temporary part or full time position to
last until funds are expended, likely between eight and sixteen

Description: This is a professional position for a papyrologist to
work on the Princeton section of the NEH-funded APIS Papyrology
Project. The papyrologist will complete the work of surveying and
creating an inventory of Princeton collections; review and revise
existing bibliographic description of papyri for perhaps a third of
the papyri and complement this with consistent cataloging for the
rest of the papyri; prepare bibliographic worksheets to be input
into the RLIN/AMC online bibliographic utility; assist in the digi-
tization of selected papyri to be loaded in World Wide Web as part
of the APIS Project; and designate work for a conservation techni-
cian supported by the grant who will work in the Preservation Of-
fice. Reports to the Curator of Manuscripts.

Qualifications: Advanced degree in Classics or Ancient History, with
formal training in papyrology and a strong working knowledge of
classical Greek documents and texts and of the social and economic
history of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine Egypt. Familiarity with
RLIN and MARC format, electronic databases, and digitization of tex-
ts helpful.

Benefits: Twenty-four (24) vacation days a year, plus eleven (11)
paid holidays. Annuity program (TIAA/CREF), group life insurance,
health coverage insurance, and disability insurance, all paid for
by the University.

Salary & Rank: Dependent upon qualifications and experience.

To ensure full consideration, candidates should send applications,
including resume and the names, titles, addresses and phone numbers
of three references to be contacted, postmarked by September 25,
1996, to:

Search Committee for Papyrologist
c/o Maria G. Gopel, Human Resources Librarian
Princeton University Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, New Jersey 08544


Roger Bagnall



Assistant Professor

Bates College invites applications for a new tenure track position
in Classical and Medieval Studies to begin September 1997. The Col-
lege seeks a generalist who can teach both Greek and Latin, but
whose area of concentration is in Roman civilization and Latin lit-
erature. An interest in late/medieval Latin is desirable. Serious
commitment to both teaching and research is essential. The regular
teaching responsibility is five courses over two twelve week semes-
ters, plus a five week May Short Term (one intensive course) two out
of every three years. Ph.D. required and teaching experience is an
important consideration. Women and minorities are encouraged to ap-
ply. Letter of application and dossier with three letters of refer-
ence should be sent to:

Classical and Medieval Studies Search
Assistant Professor
c/o Secretarial Services
Bates College
2 Andrews Road
Lewiston, ME 04240

Bates College values a diverse college community and seeks to assure
equal opportunity through a continuing and effective Affirmative

Learn more about Bates College by visiting its home page at




Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Tenure-track position
starting 8/23/97. Teaching of Greek and Latin language and litera-
ture as well as Classics in translation at the undergraduate level.
Collaboration with the Medieval Studies and the Comparative Litera-
ture graduate programs. Other responsibilities will include advising
students. Some teaching experience desired. Salary negotiable. Ph.D.
and scholarly record required. Application deadline: December 1,
1996. Send resume with three references to: David K. Herzberger,
Head, Box U-57, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT 06269-1057. We
encourage applications from under-represented groups, including mi-
norities, women and people with disabilities. (Search #97A82).

Learn more about U of Connecticut by visiting its home page at




The History Department of Saint Louis University seeks a senior
scholar for a position in late ancient or Byzantine history at the
rank of associate or full professor to begin in Fall 1997. This
position has been partially funded by a National Endowment for the
Humanities grant awarded to the Saint Louis University Center for
Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Candidates should have substan-
tial scholarly publications and a demonstrated commitment to gradu-
ate and undergraduate instruction. Preference will be given to ap-
plicants able to utilize the extensive resources of the Vatican Film
Library at Saint Louis University. Send letter of application,
c.v., and supporting materials including at least three letters of
recommendation to Professor Thomas F. Madden, Chair, Late
Antiquity/Byzantine Search Committee, Department of History, Saint
Louis University, 221 N. Grand Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63103. Saint
Louis University is a Catholic university and an AA/EOE.




The Department of History at the University of Washington invites
applications for a six-month (two-quarter) position in Late Antiqui-
ty to begin in January of 1997. Applicants should have completed or
nearly completed the Ph.D. degree and be highly qualified for under-
graduate teaching. The successful candidate will be expected to
teach an introductory survey class in the ancient world and an
upper-division lecture class on Late Antiquity as well as ad-
vanced undergraduate seminars in his or her field of specializa-
tion. The Department is also commencing a search to make a ten-
ure-track appointment in Late Antiquity to begin in September
1997. Applications, including c.v., a statement of research and
teaching interests, and three letters of recommendation, should be
sent to Professor Carol Thomas, Department of History, Box 353560,
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195. Priority will be
given to applications received before September 1, 1996. The Uni-
versity of Washington is building a culturally diverse faculty and
strongly encourages application from female and minority candidates.

Byron Nakamura
Department of History
Box 353560
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195




The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Michigan
has been authorized to appoint a Visiting Assistant Professor of
Greek and Latin for the academic year 1997-98. We are seeking can-
didates with broad competence in Greek and interests in teaching
both graduate courses in authors (Greek and Latin) and undergraduate
courses in both languages and Classical Civilization. We are par-
ticularly interested in applicants with special expertise in Greek
prose, literary and non-literary. The Department welcomes applica-
tions from candidates representing a variety of methodological posi-
tions. The Ph.D. should be completed by August 1997. Dossiers and
publications (at least one approved chapter of the dissertation)
should be sent by Nov. 15, 1996 to Professor Sharon Herbert, Chair,
Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan, 2160 Angell
Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1003. The University of Michigan is an
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


The Department of Classical Studies and Program in Comparative Lit-
erature in conjunction with the International Institute at the Uni-
versity of Michigan are seeking authorization to make an appointment
in Modern Greek Literature (rank commensurate with qualifications
and experience). Candidates should be qualified to teach both an-
cient and modern Greek language and literature and to participate
fully in the Program in Comparative Literature and the activities of
the International Institute as well as the Department of Classical
Studies. Preference will be given to candidates whose published
work demonstrates interest in the links between Modern Greek litera-
ture and popular culture and wider comparative contexts such as the
Balkans and Anatolia. The Ph.D. should be in Classics or Compara-
tive Literature and the degree must be completed no later than Sept.
1, 1997. Dossiers should be sent by Nov. 27, 1996 to Professor
Sharon Herbert, Chair, Department of Classical Studies, University
of Michigan, 2160 Angell Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1003. The
University of Michigan is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity

John D. Muccigrosso




One-year Instructorship (possibility of renewal) in Classics and
General Humanities, 1997-98, to teach in (1) General Humanities, a
culture, ideas and values program (it includes a major as well as
numerous General Education courses) based in the Dept. of Classics
but drawing upon the faculty of English, History, Philosophy & Reli-
gious Studies, and the arts; (2) the University Honors Program.
Teaching assignments will be selected from ancient-medieval and Ren-
aissance-modern humanities surveys, mythology, Freshman Honors Great
Books and Ideas I and II, depending upon the qualifications and in-
terests of the candidate. Minimum qualifications are an ABD (Ph.D.
preferred) in an interdisciplinary humanities program or in one of
the fields listed above, with a very strong interdisciplinary back-
ground; one year of full-time teaching experience or the equivalent;
in two or more of the following: ancient and modern classical tradi-
tion, critical theory, myth, computers and teaching, scientific
method. Salary commensurate with qualifications. MSU, located 12
miles west of midtown Manhattan, is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action institution.

Send applications to Timothy Renner, Dept. of Classics, Montclair
State University, Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 by November 1, 1996.

Note: In order to ensure the retention of funding for this position
in an uncertain fiscal climate, we would like to identify the suc-
cessful candidate by early December, 1996.






The American Research Institute in Turkey will offer a number of
fellowships for research in Turkey for the academic year 1997-1998.
Increased doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships will be available
in a range of tenures (two to twelve months) and amounts.

Scholars and advanced graduate students engaged in research on an-
cient, medieval or modern times in Turkey, in any field of the hu-
manities and social sciences, are eligible. Applicants are expected
to be affiliates of educational institutions in the United States or
Canada. Research permission is required by the Turkish government.

Application Deadline: November 15, 1996

*The fellowship program of the American Research Institute in Turkey
is supported in part by grants from the United States Information


The American Research Institute in Turkey takes pleasure in inviting
applications for two or three post-doctoral fellowships made possi-
ble by support from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The
fields of study cover all periods in the humanities including pre-
history, history, art, archaeology, literature, and linguistics, as
well as interdisciplinary aspects of cultural history. The fellow-
ships may be held from four to twelve months. The stipends range
from $10,000 to $30,000. Application Deadline: November 15, 1996


The American Research Institute in Turkey is most pleased to an-
nounce a new fellowship for 1997-1998 made possible by the generous
support of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. Candidates should be en-
gaged in advanced dissertation research that requires study in Tur-
key in the fields of history of art and/or archaeology. The fellow-
ship offers support for up to one academic year in the amount of
$13,500. Awards for shorter periods of time are also possible.
Application deadline: November 15, 1996


American Research Institute in Turkey
c/o University of Pennsylvania Museum
33rd and Spruce Streets
Philadelphia PA 19104-6324
Telephone: (215) 898-3474
Fax: (215) 898-0657
E-mail: []
Nancy Leinwand, ARIT Administrator



The Warburg Institute Research Fellowships, 1997-98

The Warburg Institute The Warburg Institute is dedicated to the in-
terdisciplinary study of the classical tradition - in the sense of
those elements in European thought, art and institutions that have
evolved out of the cultures of the ancient world. Its Library and
Photographic Collection are designed and arranged to encourage re-
search into the processes by which one culture learns from another
and by which different fields of thought and art act on each other.
They are particularly concerned with continuities between the an-
cient Mediterranean civilizations and the cultural and intellectual
history of post-classical Europe, especially in the period to c.

Research Fellowships

Brian Hewson Crawford Fellowship: A Research Fellowship has been
endowed from the estate of, and in memory of, Dr Brian Hewson Craw-
ford, who graduated from the University of London in 1926. A one-
month Fellowship is available for the study of any aspect of the
classical tradition. Under the terms of the deed, the Fellowship is
open to European scholars other than of British nationality.

Henri Frankfort Fellowship: Mrs Enriqueta Frankfort has endowed a
Research Fellowship in memory of her husband Henri Frankfort, who
was Director of the Institute from 1949 to 1954. The Fellowship,
which is short-term, may be held in any of the areas in which Pro-
fessor Frankfort made his distinguished contributions to scholar-
ship: the intellectual and cultural history of the ancient Near and
Middle East, with particular reference to society, art architecture,
religion, philosophy and science; the relations between the cultures
of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean, and their influence on later
civilizations. The Fellowship is not intended to support archaeo-
logical excavation.

Frances A. Yates Fellowships: Dame Frances Yates, who died on 29
September 1981, generously bequeathed her residuary estate to found
a research Fellowship or Fellowships in her name at the Institute.
Fellows' interests may lie in any aspect of cultural and intellectu-
al history but, other things being equal, preference will be given
to those whose work is concerned with those areas of the medieval
and Renaissance encyclopedia of knowledge to which Dame Frances her-
self made such distinguished contributions.

One long-term and approximately ten short-term Fellowships are
NORD/LB Warburg-Wolfenbuttel Fellowship: The Norddeutsche Landes-
bank has funded a four-month Research Fellowship tenable for two
months at the Institute and two months at the Herzog August Biblio-
thek Wolfenbuttel for research into the cultural and intellectual
history of early modern Europe. [Conditions, value of award and
method of application for this Fellowship follow in a separate mes-


The Fellowships are intended for younger scholars who should have
completed at least two years' research towards the doctorate. Those
employed as Professor, Lecturer, or equivalent in a university or
learned institution may normally hold an award only if they are tak-
ing unpaid leave for the whole of the period. The Fellowship may
not be held concurrently with another Fellowship or award. Appli-
cants must normally have been under 35 years of age on 1 October
1996. Other things being equal, in the case of short-term Fellow-
ships, preference will be given to those candidates who do not live
within daily travelling distance of the Institute. Any other condi-
tions for eligibility applicable to individual Fellowships are stat-
ed above.

Duration and Value of Fellowships:

The long-term Fellowship will be for up to three years and is not
normally renewable. The value will be in the range of 13,500-15,500
pounds p.a. according to age and qualifications. The stipend will
be paid monthly in arrears and will be liable to deductions of ap-
proximately 27% for tax and National Insurance. The short-term Fel-
loships will be of one to three months' duration. The value of
awards will be: applicants domiciled in the United Kingdom, 1,700
pounds for three months (shorter periods not available; National
Insurance contributions required); applicants domiciled abroad, 850
pounds for one month, 1,400 pounds for two months, 2,000 pounds for
three months. The amount of these stipends is absolute; no addi-
tional travel costs or expenses will be paid.

Fellows must hold at least three-quarters of their award during
term-time. Term dates for 1997-98 will be 6 October - 12 December
1997; 12 January - 20 March 1998; 20 April - 26 June 1998.


Long-term Fellowship: Interviews of short-listed candidates will be
held in late February or early March. Short-term Fellowships: No
interviews are held for short-term Fellowships.

Awards will be notified in March 1997. All candidates will be in-
formed of the outcome of their application.


Applications should be made by letter to the Director giving the
following information:
1. A curriculum vitae giving full details of name, date of birth,
address and present occupation, school and university education,
degrees, teaching and research experience, publications
2. An outline of proposed research
3. Particulars of grants received, if any, for the same subject
4. The names and addresses of two or three persons who have agreed
to write,
without further invitation, to the Director in support of the ap-
pliction. These letters of reference should reach the Director by 6
January 1997. It is the responsibility of candidates to ask their
referees to write to the Director by this date.
5. Candidates should state in their application whether they wish
to be considered for a long-term and/or short-term Fellowship; can-
didates from abroad applying for awards should specify how long they
wish to spend at the Institute (i.e. one, two or three months).
6. Copies of published work should be submitted, if possible. Can-
didates should indicate whether they wish these publications to be
returned, or whether they may be given to the Institute's library.

Closing date: applictions must arrive at the Institute no later than
6 December 1996.

The Warburg Institute
University of London
Woburn Square
London WC1H 0AB

Francois Quiviger





This is a call for article submissions for the ORB (On-line Refer-
ence Book for Medieval Studies) Encyclopedia (http://orb.rhodes.
edu). As section editor for two (related) chapters of the Encyclo-
pedia--"Sub-Roman Britain (AD 400-600)" and "The Medieval Celtic
Fringe"--I am looking for papers relating to the British Isles be-
tween c.400-c.1400 (excluding Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, which
have their own chapters) in the following fields:

archaeology and anthropology
art and music
linguistics and place-name studies

I am also looking for someone with electronic publishing skills to
help collect reference materials (Web sites, e-texts) for these

Those interested in contributing to this project should browse
through the ORB Web pages to see the size and scope of published
submissions and submit a brief abstract to CSNYDER@MARYMOUNT.EDU.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing about your research.


Chris Snyder
Dr. Christopher A. Snyder
School of Arts and Sciences
Marymount University
2807 North Glebe Road
Arlington, Virginia 22207-4299
Phone: 703-284-3857
Fax: 703-284-3859

The ORB LA page has been updated with LA Armenia and Georgia, de-
rived from list suggestions. Also, the most recent LAN will be
posted on the ORB LA site as quickly after the issue's arrival as

Steve MuhlbergerNipissing University



Second Edition

The second edition of Exploring Ancient World Cultures is now on-
line at The second edition adds many new and
exciting features to the first, including an anthology of readings,
an interactive chronology, the beginnings of a collection of essays,
computer-graded quizzes, and, of course, the web site directory that
made up most of the first edition.

The new addition of EAWC also incorporates a mailing list for teach-
ers of the ancient world, EAWC-Teachers, dedicated to pedagogy and
the web. It will (hopefully) be a forum for discussing how to inte-
grate electronic technologies in the classroom. (See the Educator's
Resource Page for more.) Another list, EAWC-Readers, will be dedi-
cated to questions of content.

EAWC is dedicated to becoming a full-service electronic textbook of
ancient world cultures available for free use to the global communi-
ty. For our future plans, please see the "Letter from the Editor,"
accessible from the EAWC homepage.

For a brief introduction, please see the EAWC Information Page, also
accessible from the homepage.

Anthony F. Beavers
A.F. Beavers, Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. Philosophy & Religion
Gen. Ed., Exploring Ancient World Cultures:





I would like to announce a new web site of the Center for Medieval
and Renaissance Studies at The Ohio State University. The address

The site include information about the Center such as upcoming lec-
tures, conferences, course offerings, Faculty affiliates, grant in-
formation and a useful list of internet resources (this last section
is still in the process of being organized, but there is a lot of
links available). Any questions, comments or highest accolades :-)
should be sent to me.

R.J. Stansbury
Ronald J. Stansbury
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
The Ohio State University


Late Antiquity Newsletter 1.3 (1996)