"The Transformation of Law and Society during Late Antiquity"

The University of South Carolina

Columbia, S.C.

12-16 March 1997

The second interdisciplinary Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity
Conference will be held at the University of South Carolina, March
13-16, 1997. This year's topic is "The Transformation of Law and
Society in Late Antiquity." The conference will take an interdis-
ciplinary look at the role played by "the law", very broadly con-
ceived, in the social and cultural changes that occurred during
Late Antiquity in both the west and the east. Sessions will cov-
er, for example, the roles of emperors and kings; the development
of "provincial" law; effects on families and individuals; and the
evolution of canon law. A Registration Form and copy of the con-
ference program are appended below.


Site, Dates, and Conduct of Conference

The Conference sessions will be held on the University of South
Carolina campus. Sessions will run from mid afternoon on Thurs-
day, March 13, thorough the morning of Sunday, March 16. All ses-
sions will be plenary, and papers will be aproximately 20 minutes
each. There will be regular breaks, with refreshments, allowing
ample time for discussion and personal interaction among the reg-


Those coming by air will arrive at Columbia Metropolitan Airport
(CAE), which is served by Delta, USAir, American, Continental, and
Air South. Shuttle service will be available for registrants who
make known their arrival and departure times. By land, Columbia
is easily accessible by I-20 from Atlanta and the east, I-77 from
Charlotte and the north, and I-26 from the northwest. Amtrack
trains from the northeast also stop in downtown Columbia.


A block of rooms has been reserved at the Clarion Town House Ho-
tel, 1615 Gervais St., Columbia, S.C. 29201 (803-771-8711), lo-
cated in historic downtown Columbia next to the USC campus. Spe-
cial conference rates are $59 for courtyard rooms and $65 for tow-
er rooms, single or double (plus accommodations tax). Please note
that the number of rooms at the Town House is limited, so early
registration is encouraged; and be sure to mention the "Late An-
tiquity Conference" when booking rooms. Those attending from
overseas, or who would like to have shared rooms arranged, or oth-
erwise need assistance with accommodations should contact the or-


Registration for the Conference is $50, and will include copies
of abstracts, two continental breakfasts, Sunday morning brunch,
and three receptions. Registration by out-of-town attendees who
intend to stay at the Town House should be made by February 15.
Students may register at a reduced rate of $15 to attend the ses-

sions only. Seating space may be limited, so registration as ear-
ly as possible is encouraged.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Ralph W. Mathisen, Dept.
of History, Univ. of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. 29208.
Phone: 803-777-6068; FAX: 803-777-4494;



"The Transformation of Law and Society during Late Antiquity"

The University of South Carolina
Columbia, S.C.
12-16 March 1997

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Registration Fee

The full registration fee of $50 includes copies of abstracts, two
continental breakfasts, Sunday brunch, and three receptions; must
be enclosed to ensure hotel accommodations. Students may register
for $15.

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Please make checks payable to: Frontiers Conference

And mail to:
Dr. Ralph W. Mathisen/Frontiers
Dept. of History
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208


Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity II:

The Transformation of Law and Society in Late Antiquity

Sponsored by

The Society for Late Antiquity
Units of the the University of South Carolina:
College of Liberal Arts
Office of the Provost
Department of History
Department of English
Department of Philosophy
Department of Religious Studies
Department of French and Classics



10:00-12:00 Tour of Historic Sites in Columbia (for early arri-

2:30- 3:45 Registration

3:45- 4:00 Welcomes I, Introductions

SECTION I. The Imperial Perspective

4:00- 6:15 SESSION I. Law and the Imperial Administration

Geoffrey Greatrex (Univ. of Wales, Cardiff) "Lawyers
and Historians in Late Antiquity"

Michael Kulikowski (University of Toronto) "Vicars
and the Law in Late Antiquity"

Jonathan S. Perry (Univ. of N. Carolina) "'Making
Revolution in Silk Gloves': Law and Society under the
Emperor Julian"

Hugh Elton (Trinity College) "The Codex Theodosianus
and Military Recruiting"

Rochelle I.S. Altman (Mesa, Ariz.) "The Size of the
Law: Codex Heights and their Significance in
Imperial Administration"

6:15- 7:45 Reception

8:00- Plenary Lecture (Sponsored by Dept. of Religious Studies)

Hagith Sivan (Institute for Advanced Study)
"Rabbinics and Roman Law: Jewish-Christian Marriages
in Late Antiquity"


8:30- 8:45 Welcomes II

8:45-10:30 SESSION II. Law and Imperial Policy II: Religious

Dennis Trout (Tufts University) "Lex and Iussio: The
Feriale Campanum and Christianity in the Theodosian

Joanna Mannell Noel (Univ. of Montana) "Ritual, Reli-
gion, and the Law: Transformations in Architecture
under the Tetrarchy"

Beatrice Caseau (Univ. of Paris-IV, Sorbonne) "The
Christianisation of Law: The Protection of Religious

Abram Hubbell (Harvard University) "The Codex Justin-
ianus and the Forced Conversion of Jews in Early By-
zantine Society"

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:00 SESSION III: Emperors, Law Codes, and Society

Dirk Schlinkert (Institut fur Geschichte der Technis-
chen Hochschule Darmstadt) "Between Emperor, Court,
and Senatorial Order: The Codification of the Codex

Laurens E. Tacoma (Leiden University) "The De Decur-
ionibus Section in the Codex Theodosianus"

1:30- 3:30 SESSION IV: Soldiers and Bandits

Chair: Ronald Weber (Univ. of Texas-El Paso)

Frank M. Clover (Univ. of Wisconsin) "The Legal Back-
ground of the Civil War of A.D. 470-472"

John F. Shean (University of Wisconsin) "The Church
and the Duties of the Christian Soldier"

Peter Sarris (All Souls College, Oxford) "Imperial
Law and Provincial Society: The Case of Men-at-Arms
on the Large Estates of Byzantine Egypt"

Brian McGing (Trinity College, Dublin) "Bandits Real
and Imagined in Greco-Roman Egypt"

3:30- 4:00 Break

SECTION II. The Personal Perspective

4:00- 5:30 SESSION V. The Law and Ethnicity.

Christopher A. Hoffman (Univ. of California, Berke-
ley) "Magic and Ethnicity at Rome: A Legal Approach"

Linda Jones Hall (Univ. of Dayton) "Berytus 'Nutrix
Legum': Ethnicity, Class, and Religion in the City of
the Roman Law Schools"

Yitzchak Kerem (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki,
Greece) "Involvement of Hellenistic Jews in Legal

Systems in the Late Roman and Early Byzantine Peri-

6:00- 7:30 Reception

8:00- Plenary Lecture

Jill Harries (Univ. of St. Andrews)
"Bishops, the Law, and Arbitration"


(Gambrell Auditorium)

8:45-10:15 SESSION VI: The Family, Substantive and Metaphorical

Antti Arjava (University of Helsinki) "Paternal Power
in Late Antiquity"

Charles Pazdernik (Princeton University) "Justinian's
Novels and the Law of Succession"

Francisco Javier Lomas Salmonte (Universidad de Ca-
diz) "Pauperum alimenta. Forms of dependance in the
Western Latin Churches"

10:15-10:45 Break

10:45-12:30 SESSION VII. Virgins, Saints, and Nuns

Chair: Gillian Clark (Univ. of Liverpool)

Judith Evans Grubbs (Sweet Briar College) "Virgins
and Widows, Show-Girls and Whores: Late Roman Legis-
lation on Women and Christianity"

Fannie J. LeMoine (Univ. of Wisconsin) "Hysteria,
Decorum, and Good Use of the Devil's Arguments"

Athanasia Worley (Univ. of Illinois) "The Law of Gen-
eration in Methodius' Symposium."

Catherine R. Peyroux (Duke University) "Canonists
Construct the Nun?: Canonical Legislation about Women
Religious in Merovingian and Carolingian France"

SECTION III. The Barbarian Perspective

1:45- 3:00 SESSION VIII. The Law in Barbarian Europe: Setting the

Karen Eva Carr (Portland State University) "From
Alaric to the Arab conquest: Visigothic efforts to
Achieve Romanitas"

Alexander C. Murray (Erindale College, University of
Toronto) "Distinguishing Roman and Germanic Law in
Merovingian Gaul"

Dmitri Starostine (Univ. of Michigan) "Law and the
Traditional Practice in Early Medieval Law-Codes"

3:00- 3:30 Break

3:30- 4:45 SESSION IX. The Law in Barbarian Europe:
Provincial Law
Chair: Scott Gwara (Univ. of S. Carolina)

Linda Ellis (San Francisco State University), Marius
Tiberius Alexianu (Alexandru I. Cuza University,
Iasi, Romania) "Duplex ius: The survival of Romano-
Byzantine and Customary Law on Dacian/Romanian terri-

Mark Greco (Boston University) "The Valeria Archaeo-
logical Survey Project: Cultural and Legal Aspects of
'de-Romanization' in Eastern Europe"

Michael Jones (Bates University) "The Legacy of Roman
Law in Post-Roman Britain"

4:45- 5:00 Break

5:00- 6:15 SESSION X. The Law in Barbarian Europe:
Landholding and Cultivation

Boudewijn Sirks (Univ. of Amsterdam) "The Farmer, the
Landlord, and the Law in the Fifth Century"

Lisi Oliver (Lousiana State Univ.) "Aethelbehrt's
Laet and the Frankish Leto"

Kathy Pearson (Old Dominion University) "Germanic Law
and Barbarian Diet"

6:15- 7:45 Reception

8:00- Plenary Lecture

John Matthews (Yale University)
"Interpreting the interpretationes of the Breviarium"


SECTION IV. The Ecclesiastical Perspective

8:30- 9:30 SESSION XI. Religion and the Law in the East.

Gillian Clark (University of Liverpool) "Spoiling the
Egyptians: Divine and Human Law in Late Antiquity"

Victoria Erhart (Dumbarton Oaks) "The Impact of Law
and Social Customs on the Development of Syriac
Christian Canon Law in the Sasanian Empire"

9:00-10:15 SESSION XII. Ecclesiastical Courts.

Leslie Dossey (Harvard University) "Legal Privilege
and the Ecclesiastical Courts in Late Antique North

Noel Lenski (Univ. of Colorado) "Evidence for the
Audientia Episcopalis in the New Letters of Augus-

Carolyn Humfress (St. Catherine's, Oxford) "Bishops
as Forensic Advocates"

10:15-10:30 Break.

10:30-11:45 SESSION XIII. Bishops and the Development of Canon

Kevin Uhalde (Princeton University) "Proof and Re-
proof: The Repertoire of Confrontational Bishops"

Timothy M. Teeter (Georgia Southern Univ.) "Bishops,
Letters of Travel, and Canon Law in Late Antiqity"

Mary E. Sommar (Syracuse University) "Pragmatic Ap-
plication of Proto-Canon Law: Episcopal Translation"

11:45- Closing Discussion: The Future