The Fourth Biennial


"Travel, Communication and Geography in Late Antiquity"

8-11 March 2001

The Society for Late Antiquity announces the Fourth Conference on Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity, "Travel, Communication and Geography in Late Antiquity", to be held at the Downtown Center of San Francisco State University, San Francisco, 8-11 March 2001.20

We welcome 20-minute presentations on all kinds of travel (religious pilgrimages; travel for official, commercial, or military purposes; travel for pleasure; journeys of the soul), on various kinds of communication (inter-religious or inter-cultural communication; written, spoken, or visual communication; pedagogy; linguistic change; communication between the human and the divine), and on any aspect of geography and especially its interrelationship with travel and communication (e.g., land vs. sea vs. river travel or communication; travel and communication between highland and lowland; the psychology of distance, geology, and/or geography; geography of the heavenly city). Submissions are encouraged from across a wide variety of disciplines and methodological perspectives, including, but not retricted to, those of archaeology, communication studies, economics, geography and geology, history, language and literature, militaria, psychology, religious studies. We would particularly welcome presentatoins which 'journey' across 'disciplinary frontiers' (e.g., case studies for interdisciplinary research on the topics above) or presentations which discuss--again within the context of the conference theme -- disciplinary methodology and theory (i.e., research paradigms, collection and analysis of data, how assumptions affect research, models of human behavior, how knowledge about life in Late Antiquity is created). Finally, presenters should not feel confined to discuss only travel or communication or geography; on the contrary, they should try to see these topics as interdependent. It is our intention to make every effort to seek a publisher for the conference proceedings.

Please direct all inquiries concerning the program, and send abstracts of not more than 500 words via e-mail, FAX, or post, to Prof. Linda Ellis, Department of Classics, San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132-4162 (FAX: 415-338-1775; e-mail: Abstracts are due 1 October 2000.

For all other matters contact Prof. Frank L. Kidner, Department of History, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132-4155 (e-mail:

Schedule of Events:
1 October 2000 Abstracts due
15 November 2000 Program set and presenters notified
15 January 2001 Pre-registration begins
8-11 March 2001 Conference assembles