Shifting Frontiers in Late Antiquity XIII:


Communal Responses to Local Disaster:

Economic, Environmental, Political and Religious













Cam Grey gets everyone’s attention with his riveting talk, “Living with Vesuvius: Towards a Late Roman Culture of Risk”
















Jonathan Arnold’s paper, “Disaster on the Danube? Ennodius, Eugippius and the Fate of the Western Empire,” ends with a bang!
















Audrey Becker presents on “Bishops in 5th-century Gaul: Negotiations with Barbarian Kings in a Time of Emergency”














Vince Van Thienen looks at “Local Responses to Structural Collapse in the Late Roman Urban Hinterland of Atuatuca Tungrorum (Germania Inferior)"















Jeroen Wijnendaele’s paper topic was “ ‘State of Emergency’: The Impact of Odoacer and

Theoderic’s ‘Forgotten War’ on Italy”















Robert Wiśniewski presented on “Stones, Bones and Statues: How Holy Objects Protected Late Antique Cities”













Conference organizer Shane Bjornlie directs traffic before the conference banquet






















Michele Salzman delivers a talk at the lovely outdoor banquet: thank Sol invictus that the weather was wonderful!






















Organizer Shane Bjornlie enjoys the banquet with Michele Salzman, Ed Watts, Jeroen Wijnendaele, and others.



















Jeroen Wijnendaele with Ralph Mathisen at the banquet