“The Transformation of Poverty, Philanthropy, and Healthcare”


26-29 MARCH 2015

University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA, USA)

Organizers: Sarah Bond, Carlos Galvão-Sobrinho, Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent






The Transformation of Poverty, Philanthropy, and Healthcare



Location: Levitt Auditorium, College of Law, University of Iowa.

*Please note that all papers should be 20 minutes in length unless otherwise noted. *

4:00 PM    Welcome from the Co-Chairs

Sarah E. Bond (University of Iowa)

Carlos Galvão-Sobrinho (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)

Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent (Marquette University)

4:15          I.   Monasticism, Healing, and the Body

Paul Dilley (University of Iowa): “The Monastic Care of Souls and the Demon of Porneia: Cognitive and Affective Disciplines”

Sarah E. Bond (University of Iowa), “ ‘As Trainers for the Healthy’: Masseurs, Anointers, and Early Christian Healing”

5:15          Break

5:30  DIGITAL HUMANITIES KEYNOTE: Ryan Baumann: “Shifting Frontiers in the Digital Humanities” (Duke University) University Capitol Centre 2780

6:30          Opening Night Reception hosted by the UIOWA Digital Studio after the

lecture at the Capitol Centre.



Location: Levitt Auditorium, College of Law, University of Iowa

8:30 AM    II. Ambrose, Aphorisms, and Wealth

Ethan Gannaway (St. Ambrose University): “Ambrose and the Salutaria Praecepta

Micah Kiel (St. Ambrose University): “Ambrose’s Biblical Screed Against Usury: Why de Tobia?”

Robert Grant (St. Ambrose University): “From Philodemos to Philanthropos: Ambrose of Milan’s war on economic injustice in IV* Milan”       

10:00 Morning Break [Coffee, Tea, and Light Breakfast Foods]


10:30        III. Poverty and Status in the Latin West

Ralph Mathisen (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign): “ ‘Arctum ei victum et tenuem relinquentes’: Hard Times in Late Antique Gaul”

Matheus Coutinho Figuinha (University of São Paulo) “Peter Brown’s Mystique of Wealth and the Conversion to Monasticism in Late Antique Gaul

Eduardo Fabbro (University of Toronto): “Adsiduae fatigationes pauperum: Rothari’s Edict and the impact of social inequality in seventh-century Italy”

Rebecca Devlin (University of Florida): “Liberti Ecclesiae: Episcopal Charity and Patrimony in Visigothic Spain”

12:30        Lunch (On your own)

1:45          IV. Psychotherapy, Health, and the Body

Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University): “Solving poverty by treating the soul: The transformation of philanthropy, medicine and moral philosophy”

Young Kim (Calvin College): “Sound Belief, Sound Body: Heresy and Health in Epiphanius of Cyprus”

Benjamin Pugno (Columbus State): “Physicians of the Soul: The Role of Medical Theory and Terminology in the Gregorian Mission”

Linda Ellis (San Francisco State University): “Therapeutic landscapes:  Public health geography and water management in the Black Sea region (4th – 7th centuries CE).”

3:45: Afternoon Break [Coffee, Tea, and Light Snack Foods]

4:15          V: Status and Social Strategy

Thomas Macmaster (University of Edinburgh): “Poena divinitus illata est servitutis”: Christian attitudes towards slavery at the end of antiquity

Robert Knapp (Emeritus, UC-Berkeley): “Roman Law and the Ordinary Citizen”

Nicole Moffatt (Macquarie University): “When it’s Who You Know that Counts: Diffusion of new ideas on Christian charity”

6:00  Break

6:30  KEYNOTE: Susanna Elm (University of California-Berkeley): “Signs on the Skin: Augustine of Hippo on Corporal Punishment”

Location: Levitt Auditorium, College of Law, University of Iowa.

7:30  Dinner On Your Own



Location: Levitt Auditorium, College of Law, University of Iowa.

9:00 AM    VI. Charity and Building in Late Antique Rome and the Mediterranean

Helen Rhee (Westmont College): “The Poor as Healers and Caretakers of the Sick in Early Christian Sources”

Victor Martinez (Monmouth College): “Food Subsidies in Late Antique Rome: Unpacking the Discarded Amphorae of Rome”

Deborah Deliyannis (Indiana University-Bloomington): “Churches vs. Charity in Late Antiquity”

10:30 Break  (Coffee, Tea, Light Breakfast Foods)

11:00        VII: Philanthropy and Building (15 minute Sessions)

Robert McEachnie (University of North Carolina-Charlotte): “They Built This City: Chromatius, Aquileia and Changing Elite Philanthropic Patterns”

Carolyn Snively (Gettysburg College): “Ecclesiastical Philanthropy in the Balkans: For What Purposes and How Altruistic?”

3.   Dacy Boyd (Temple University): “Building Basileiados: Euergetism and    


4.  Benjamin Rogaczewski (UW-Milwaukee), [Working Title] “The Emperor

Julian and Philanthropy”

12:30        Lunch (On your own)

1:30          VIII. Physicians, Medicine, and the Body

Richard Flower (University of Exeter): “Medicalising Heresy: doctors, practitioners and patients in Epiphanius of Salamis”

Dirk Rohmann (University of Sheffield): “Healing of the Spirit: Medical Metaphors and Medical Practice in Late Antiquity”

Heidi Marx-Wolf (University of Manitoba): “Late Ancient Notions of the Body and Health in Porphyry of Tyre’s To Gaurus on the Ensoulment of Embryos”

Norman Underwood (UC-Berkeley): “The Gender of Saintly Healing: Physician-Saints, the Male Gaze, and Smashed Testicles in Late Antique Miracle Stories”

3:30          Break (Coffee, Tea, Light Snacks)

4:00          IX: The Birth of the Hospital

Bertrand Lançon (University of Limoges), “The Shifting Medical Thought of Late Antiquity”

Daniel Caner (University of Connecticut): “Not a Hospital but a Leprosarium: Basil's "Basiliad" Revisted”

Tyler Fyotek and Andrew Ackell (University of Iowa): “Treat the Patient, Not the Disease: What the Xenodocheion Can Teach the Hospital”

5: 30:  Break (please walk over to the Old Capitol Building)

6:00   KEYNOTE: Ramsay MacMullen (Emeritus, Yale University): “Stirring the Stumps: An

update on ancient welfare scholarship”

Introduction and Panegyric by Carlos Galvão-Sobrinho (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee).

Location: Senate Chamber, Old Capitol Building

7:30   Shifting Frontiers XI Conference Banquet

        Location: Iowa Memorial Union (North and South Banquet Rooms)



Location: Levitt Auditorium, College of Law, University of Iowa.

8:30          X: Attitudes Towards Healing and Disease:

Sviatoslav Dmitriev (Ball State University): “Early Byzantine Doctor-Benefactors: A short-lived social phenomenon with a long history”

Anna Lankina (College of Charleston): “Late Antique Historians on Charity and Healthcare”

Brenda Thacker (University of Missouri-St. Louis): “Attitudes Towards Disease During the Plague of Justinian”

10:00         Break (No refreshments. Please remember to get coffee on your own!)

10:30:               XI: Writing Charity and Poverty

Krista Dalton (Columbia University): “Memory and Rabbinic Stories about Charity”

Siiri Toiviainen (University of Durham): “ 'Need' (khreia) as the Basis of Physical Wellbeing and Social Responsibility in Late Ancient Christian Writings: Continuity and Change”

Naoki Kamimura (Tokyo Gakugei University): “Augustine’s Psychological Configuration of Almsgiving and its Correlation with his View of the Society”

Julio Cesar Magalhaes de Oliveira (University of São Paulo): “The populus and the poor: charity and the social strategies of the lower classes in the cities of North Africa in the age of Augustine”

12:30 Sessions adjourned. Thank you for attending!

Meeting of the Society for Late Antiquity over Lunch