“Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity” /

“Les genres en transition dans l’antiquité tardive”


21-24 MARCH 2013

University of Ottawa/ Université d’Ottawa (Ottawa, CANADA)

Organizer: Geoffrey Greatrex


Conference volume:

Geoffrey Greatrex, ed., Shifting Genres in Late Antiquity (Ashgate, 2014)






Frontières en fluctuation X : Les genres en transition dans l’antiquité tardive


Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa,

21-24 mars/March 2013

Thursday March 21/jeudi 21 mars 




All the lectures will take place in the Desmarais Building, 12th floor, save that of Wendy Mayer on the Friday evening, which will be at Carleton University. 


Toutes les conférences auront lieu au pavillon Desmarais, 12e étage, sauf celle de Wendy Mayer, le vendredi soir, qui se tiendra à l’université Carleton. 


13h30-14h00Welcome speeches/Discours d’introduction 


Hugh Elton (Professor of Ancient History & Classics, Trent University) 

Antoni Lewkowicz (Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Ottawa/Doyen, Faculté des Arts, Université d’Ottawa) 


14h00-15h30 Sessions/Séances Ia, Ib 


The Age of Constantine/l’ère de Constantin (DMS 12102) 


Chair/Présidente: Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University) 


Mariana Bodnaruk (Central European University), ‘Producing Distinction: Aristocratic and Imperial Representation in the Constantinian Age’ 

Kristina A. Meinking (Elon University), ‘Cicero Christianus: Rome and Rhetoric in LactantiusDe ira Dei 

David DeVore (University of California, Berkeley), ‘“A Promise Greater than Our Power to Transact” (HE 1.1.3): Genre Cues in the Preface of Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History 


Sixth-century Italy/l’Italie au VIe s. (DMS 12110) 


Chair/Président: Ralph Mathisen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) 


Christine Radtki (University of Cologne), ‘Cassiodorus Variae – panegyric in letter form’ 


Julia Warnes (National University of Ireland, Galway), ‘Questions of Orality in Epistolography: the Letters of Ennodius 


Shane Bjornlie (Claremont McKenna College), ‘The Rhetoric of Varietas and Epistolary Encyclopedism in the Variae of Cassiodorus’ 


15h30-16h00 Break/Pause-café 


16h00-17h30 Session/Séance II (DMS 12102) 


Martyrs and martyr acts/Martyrs et martyres 


Chair/Président: Eric Rebillard (Cornell University) 

Eric Fournier (West Chester University of Pennsylvania), ‘L’Historia Persecutionis Africanae Prouinciae de Victor de Vita : un genre littéraire hybride 

Hartmut G. Ziche (University of Johannesburg), ‘Inventing vandalism, Victor of Vita and the construction of a Vandal narrative’ 

Thomas Tsartsidis (University of Edinburgh), ‘Romanus or Romulus? A Christianized ‘Aeneas’ in PrudentiusPeristephanon 10’ 


17h45-18h45 Eric Rebillard (Cornell University), ‘Res gestae martyrum digerere : l’hagiographie africaine jusqu’à l’époque d’Augustin 


19h00 Réception (DMS 12102) 


The department’s museum of classical antiquities, to be found on the third floor of the building, will be open to participants from 6.45 to 8.30 p.m. We are grateful to its curator, Dr Antonia Holden, and to her student volunteers, in making this possible. 


Le musée d’antiquités gréco-romaines, à trouver au troisième étage du bâtiment, sera ouvert aux participants de 18h45 à 20h30. Nous tenons à remercier Mme Antonia Holden, la conservatrice du musée, ainsi que ses étudiant(e)s bénévoles, d’avoir organisé l’ouverture du musée à ce moment. 


Friday March 22/vendredi 22 mars 


09h00-11h00 Registration/Inscription 


09h00-10h30 Session/Séance III (DMS 12102) 


Epigraphy & monuments/Épigraphie et monuments 


Chair/Président: Hugh Elton (Trent University) 


Ralph Mathisen (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), ‘Transformations in the Epigraphic Representation of Personal Identity in Late Antiquity’ 


Lea Stirling (University of Manitoba), ‘Shifting Use of a Genre: A Comparison of Statuary Décor in Homes and Baths of Late Antiquity’ 


Ralph J. Patrello (University of Florida), ‘Villa churches and the idioms of legitimate authority in southern Gaul’ 


10h30-11h00 Break/Pause-café 


11h00-12h30 Session/Séance IV (DMS 12102) 




Chair/Président: Geoffrey Greatrex (Université d’Ottawa) 


Frederico Montinaro, ‘Procopius’Buildings revisited’ 

Charles F. Pazdernik (Grand Valley State University), ‘Belisarius’ second occupation of Rome and Pericles’ last speech’ 

Elodie Turquois (Oxford University), ‘Generic flexibility in the works of Procopius of Caesarea: the case for technical excurses as literary tropes’ 


12h30-14h00 : lunch/déjeuner 


14h00-15h30 Sessions/Séances Va and Vb 


The Theodosians/les Théodosiens (DMS 12102) 


Chair/Président: John Matthews (Yale University) 


Christopher Doyle (National University of Ireland, Galway), ‘Declaring Victory, Concealing Defeat? Continuity and change in Late Roman imperial coinage, ca. AD 378-425’ 

Alice T. Christ (University of Kentucky), ‘The Importance of Being Stilicho’ 

Lukas Lemcke (University of Waterloo), ‘The cursus publicus in the 4th century through the lens of the Codex Theodosianus 


Sixth-century church history/ L’histoire ecclésiastique du VIe s. (DMS 12110) 


Chair/Président: George Bevan (Queen’s University) 

Philippe Blaudeau (Université d’Angers), ‘Adapter le genre du bréviaire plutôt qu’écrire une histoire ecclésiastique? Autour du choix retenu par Liberatus de Carthage pour rapporter le déroulement des controverses christologiques des Ve-VIe s.’ 

Geoffrey D. Dunn (Australian Catholic University), ‘The Emergence of Papal Decretals: The Evidence of Zosimus of Rome’ 

Dana Iuliana Viezure (Seton Hall University), ‘Image Construction in The Sixth-Century Collectio Avellana 


15h30-16h00 Break/Pause-café 


16h00-17h30 Session/Séance VI (DMS 12102) 


Gold & the Roman economy; panegyric / L’or et l’économie romaine; le panégyrique 


Chair/Présidente: Lea Stirling (University of Manitoba) 


Richard W. Burgess (University of Ottawa) & George Bevan (Queen’s University), ‘The Changing Role of Gold in Late Antiquity: Quantitative and Economic Considerations’ 


Nicholas Borek (Queen’s University), ‘The Golden Gifts of Saint Cyril: The Church and the Circulation of Gold in Byzantine Egypt’ 


Alan Ross (University of KwaZulu Natal), ‘Panegyric into History: Ammianus, Amida and Nisibis’  




Carleton University/Université Carleton, Tory Building room/salle 360 


Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University), ‘Medicine in transition: Greek paideia, asceticism, and doctoring the soul’, followed by a reception/suivi d’une réception. 


Saturday March 23/samedi 23 mars 


09h00-10h30 Session/Séance VII (DMS 12102) 


Chronicles/Les chroniques 


Chair/Président: Hugh Elton (Trent) 


Sergei Mariev (Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich), ‘Difficulties of Defining the Genre ''chronicle'' in Byzantium’ 


Richard W. Burgess (University of Ottawa), ‘When is a Chronicle not a Chronicle? When it’s a Chronicle’ 


Jared Secord (University of Chicago), ‘Julius Africanus and the Beginnings of Late Antiquity’ 


10h30-11h00 Break/Pause-café 


11h00-12h30 Session/Séance VIII (DMS 12102) 




Chair/Président: Theodore De Bruyn (University of Ottawa) 


Young Richard Kim (Calvin College), ‘The Transformation of Heresiology in the Panarion of Epiphanius of Cyprus’ 

Matthew Lootens (Fordham University), ‘Between Refutation and Commentary: The Development and Function of Fourth-Century Adversus-Literature’ 

Sophie Lunn Rockliffe (King’s College London), ‘Diabolical motivations: the devil in ecclesiastical histories from Eusebius to Evagrius’ 


12h30-14h00 : lunch/déjeuner 


14h00-15h30 Sessions/Séances IXa and IXb 


Technical genres/les genres techniques (DMS 12110) 


Chair/Président: Michael Kulikowski (Pennsylvania State University) 


Christian R. Raschle (Université de Montréal), ‘Slogans politiques et chansons populaires - l’évolution d’un genre d’expression de l’opinion politique dans l’Antiquité tardive’ 


Richard Miles (University of Sydney), ‘Stenography and the Creation and Destruction of Textual Communities during the Donatist Controversy’ 


Conor Whately (University of Winnipeg), ‘The Transformation of the Military Treatise in Late Antiquity’ 


Jerome and issues of genre/Jérôme et des questions de genre (DMS 12102) 


Chair/Présidente: Karin Schlapbach (Université d’Ottawa) 


Colin Whiting (University of California at Riverside), ‘Jerome’s De viris illustribus and the New Genres of Christian Disputation’ 


Danuta Shanzer (University of Vienna), ‘Jerome and the Particular Judgment of Souls in the Afterlife’ 


Cristiana Sogno (Fordham University), ‘The (Re)Invention of Epistolography in Late Antiquity’ 


15h30-16h00 Break/Pause-café 


16h00-17h30 Session/Séance X (DMS 12102) 


Christian literature (Latin) / La littérature chrétienne (latine) 


Chair/Président: Danuta Shanzer (University of Vienna) 

Marlena Whiting (Lincoln College, Oxford University), ‘Travels in the Holy Land: A New Genre for Late Antiquity?’ 

Tiphaine Moreau, ‘Le De obitu Theodosii d’Ambroise de Milan : Refonte des genres littéraires dans le creuset du sermon politique’ 

Zach Yuzwa (Cornell University), ‘Sulpicius’ Gallus and the dialogue form’ 


17h45-19h00 John Matthews (Yale University), ‘Autobiography and Self-Awareness in Late Antiquity’ 


19h30- 22h00Banquet (Capital Hill Suites, 88 rue Albert st.) 


Sunday March 24/dimanche 24 mars 


09h00-10h30 Session/Séance XI (DMS 12102) 


Legal aspects/Aspects juridiques 


Chair/Président: Richard Burgess (University of Ottawa) 


Christel Freu (Université Laval), ‘Les contrats de travail dans l’Antiquité tardive : évolution du droit, évolution d’un genre ?’ 


Marion Kruse (Ohio State University), ‘Roman History and Republican Offices in Justinianic Constantinople’ 


Sean Lafferty (Yale University), ‘Ad Sanctitatem Mortuorum:  Tomb Raiders, Body Snatchers and Relic Hunters in Late Antiquity’ 


10h30-11h00 Break/Pause-café 


11h00-12h30 Session/Séance XII (DMS 12102) 


Christian literature (Greek) / La littérature chrétienne (grecque) 


Chair/Présidente: Wendy Mayer (Australian Catholic University) 


Andrew Faulkner (University of Waterloo), ‘The Rise of Christian Paraphrastic Poetry’ 

Edward Watts (University of California at San Diego), ‘Himerius and the Personalization of the Monody’ 


Dominique Côté (Université d’Ottawa), ‘La fonction de la rhétorique selon l’empereur Julien’ 


12h30End of the conference/Fin du colloque 


14h30-16h00Committee meeting, Society for Late Antiquity (DMS 10126, 10th floor) / Réunion du comité, Society for Late Antiquity (DMS 10126, 10e étage)